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Activity Summary for August 21, 2014

Total steps: 8405
Calories burned: 2279
Traveled: 3.62 miles
Sedentary minutes: 818
Lightly active minutes: 123
Fairly active minutes: 60
Very active minutes: 34

August 21, 2014
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Fitness band market jumps 684% in H1

A wrist accessory with a silicon strap has become the latest fashion statement and a┬ámust-have for the sporty. We’re talking about the fitness band, which helps to keep track of distance covered, calories burnt and sleep among other things. 284 more words



Today we are going to focus on the hype that surrounds content marketing and reach out to Paul Marsden, a consumer psychologist for his take. 815 more words

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 8/21/2014: 16,444 steps and 7.5 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/229JTZ


Easy 3 At Lilburn Park and Greenway Trail

Ran 3 with Laura this afternoon, should have been a 4X1 mile interval workout. Since it was 91 degrees and felt like about 110 decided to just do an easy run. 61 more words


Get a move on!!!

While some may argue that in the digital age, we engage more with technology and partake in less physical activity, certain gadgets are proving this may not be the case. 222 more words

Bite Me More

Apple talked HealthKit with insurance companies UnitedHealth and Humana

Bloomberg‘s Adam Satariano has an interesting┬áprofile out this morning regarding the usage of wearable fitness devices in work environments. The report says that some companies are offering devices, such as the FitBit, in order to track the fitness of its employees. 245 more words

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