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Sexy Shoulders Workout

Sexy Shoulders Workout

Here is my workout from this morning. It is a combo of Shoulders and Abs :)

Warm up:
  • 10 minutes on treadmill or cardio machine (walking/jogging)
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It's You, It's You, It's Always Been In You!

My strength training got put to the test today and it came up trumps!

This morning’s run was a windy one. Much like being in a wind tunnel blasted from all directions with surf spray thrown in for refreshment. 106 more words


Smooth Move

Looking to lose some lbs for the summer? Consider it smooth sailing with these smoothie recipes. Try them out and dust off that string bikini already! 6 more words


Just checking in...

…and letting y’all know I got my 3+ miles in this morning!  I rowed 1000 meter as well and my back is feeling it!  I definitely had the though of bailing this morning (especially with sub-freezing temps outside!) but because I swore to the internet gods and this blog I would get my run in…I did!   29 more words


My Fitness Pal (Literally)!

Okay, so now that it is spring time, I think I’ve started to become a little more dedicated to my health and fitness stuff again. After all, summer bodies are built in spring. 311 more words



So I’ve been getting in at least 20 minutes of exercise a day, whether that is walking, rowing, or even just having a dance party and making my son laugh. 266 more words