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Chasing 405

I started working out at 16. The gym was a decrepit shack with one hanging lightbulb overlooking the pool. The machines were so rusty cable rows would get stuck midway. 575 more words


Favorite Fitness Accounts

Here are a few of my favorite fitness websites:

  • Tone it Up
    • Website: www.toneitup.com
    • Instagram: @ToneItUp @KarenaKatrina @PerfectFit
    • Youtube:


Welcome to The Fancy Fruitarian blog! First. Post. Don’t worry, I’m just as new to this as you are… Here you can get your daily dose of recipes, fitness, beauty tips…personal posts, you’ll never get bored! 591 more words


So Far, So Good

I’m a week into the Couch to 5K programme (which is 9 weeks long, minimum) and it is going really well, so far. I actually did 4 runs this week, rather than the 3 recommended, for a couple of reasons. 682 more words

Couch To 5k

Fitness Blog 9/19/2014

So I’ve decided to make a part of this blog for lifting. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time just to see how my progress goes. 552 more words


Improve your mood in 1 second

I was reading a health and Fitness magazine on my flight yesterday. I came across 1 Simple thing you do right now to improve your mood. Improve your posture.


5 Post Pregnancy Weightloss Tips

If you are reading this blog, you are probably searching for an answer to how you can lose your baby weight, your baby belly, and how to get your body back. 422 more words