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Fitness **UPDATE**

So basically. I have done NO work outs. I am so disappointed in myself. I do a lot of healthy eating and I have been having a lot less junk food and more fruit when I’m bored and hungry. 26 more words


Yoga: Upward Bow Pose

I hate being perfect, I just love the process of getting there.

The drama of imperfection gives you that kind of satisfaction as you improve yourself little-by-little from anything your are working hard for to achieve. 140 more words


Exercise is not a chore

One of my goals when I started regular exercise was to build endurance, stamina and see how much my body could do. And unlike yoga, that would require a cardio activity. 253 more words


The photo studio

Today I was back in the photo studio again, I miss It so much, it gives me the energy to keep up the hard work. Sometimes when I am in the studio I forget the world outside and just enjoy living… But I really need to loose some weight and get more muscles I can see that in the pics, but for now its the time I need to gain more energy and to have fun and laugh…

What Your Diet Is Missing From Helping You Lose Weight

Are you sticking to your diet, hitting all of your workouts, getting enough sleep, and doing everything right without shedding a pound? Maybe your solution is a well deserved cheat meal. 743 more words


Laurie's Orchids

Laurie’s orchids are in bloom, with a vengeance!  They remind me to be thoughtful about my breathing.  Here they are for you to enjoy as well.


My Fitness Journey

Kicking the habit – just a very short video about how I finally kicked the nasty habit of smoking and hopefully will inspire others to quit too!