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Back to the fitbit

For the first time since I got my fitbit, I went a week without using it this month.  It died, and I just kept forgetting to charge it!   122 more words


Sydney Harbour Beaches

Set myself another little challenge this morning to take in 6 Sydney beaches. A very hilly 14km. Took the GoPro so you can see the video here: 11 more words


Nike Zoom

I love a good NTC session. Last week I was invited over to a beautiful studio in Marylebone by Nike Women to take part in a special NTC session with Barry’s Bootcamp babe Anya Lahiri. 597 more words


Legs/Glutes + Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Day 62


- Smith Machine Elevated Calf Raises

- SS w/ Smith Machine Squats

- Cable Glute Kickbacks

- SS w/ DB Sumo Squats

- Reverse Hip Abductors (Facing the machine) 151 more words


My Transformation

The day it all began ~ January 7th 2013

I was unhappy, over weight and following bad lifestyle habits. Weight: 156 pounds

I received a three month nutritional plan & training plan by Fitgirl Training. 205 more words


Pre-Race Tips for Runners

Today I have a 10km fun-run to raise money for the school where I teach. Although it is not an official event, I am still aiming to shoot for a good time – after all, a little competition with yourself can go a long way to improving your fitness. 1,389 more words


Introducing: Fit Femme!

Today I’m starting a little series on Knightlights called “Fit Femme”. The name pretty much says what it will consist of, but let me give a little explanation and reasoning behind it all. 225 more words