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10 months of Fitness Programs

Tomorrow marks my “new me” 10 month work out anniversary! Woo hooo!! I should be saving the anniversary post for tomorrow, but Im not that patient. 399 more words


Book Review: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I recently read the kindle version of Wild by Cheryl Strayed and even though it’s not a book about fitness or health, it does show the power that nature has on your soul when you really let it in.  161 more words


15 Minute Workout

          Happy Wednesday, everyone! My post yesterday on my DIY Wedding was a HUGE hit! Thank you for all the views and shares! :) Anyway….moving on to today’s post. 134 more words


08-27-14 - Wednesday - Just Thinking

So another day without a workout and I am still making it. Yesterday I had so much energy at work it was ridiculous. I believe that it will only take a week to reset and be ready to hit the treadmill once again. 290 more words

Type II Diabetes

Better habits

So this morning I actually followed through with doing an am workout. Here’s to starting some good habits and living a happier lifestyle.

I know I am the queen of false starts, I am a great planner but when it comes to execution I am just no good at following through. 106 more words


Chest & Triceps


- Cable Pushdowns

- SS w/ DB Overhead Extensions

- Cable Kickbacks


- Flat Bench Cable Flyes

- Flat Bench DB Flyes

- Bench Press… 259 more words


2014-08-27 training log

Just because I’m basing my program around Paul Carter’s methodologies doesn’t mean it’s the only thing involved. I reserve the right to incorporate useful things from other areas… like Jim Wendler’s notion of “Jack Shit”. 308 more words