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Breakfast… To skip or not to skip? by Chiqueta (Queta) Hyman

As with anything, there are always opposing views on the benefits of eating breakfast however, from my standpoint I am a big believer that breakfast is essential for an overall healthy diet. 442 more words

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Long Weekend Bootcamps

There will be changes for times and days for bootcamps due to the long weekend. After AUG 9 any classes with vouchers are expired. I will let everyone know if the classes will continue twice a week as soon as I know! 31 more words

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Losing to live: Staying fit and focus by LaNette Kincaid

As I was talking with my fitness coach Chiqueta I realize that I needed to add two items to my fitness plan.

1) Breakfast
For some strange reason, I’ve never really done breakfast and when I have ate breakfast it was big enough to put me back to sleep. 134 more words

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Fitness Commitment by Chiqueta {Queta} Hyman

I talked to Lanette Kincaid this morning and we discussed food options, exercises and getting back on track. One thing I pointed out is the importance of scheduling out your workouts and then sharing. 192 more words

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Nutrition by Chiqueta Hyman

The nutrition challenge will consist of replacing half of your grains with whole grain options. Whole grain provides your body with better nutrition. Unlike refined processed grains, whole grains have not been stripped of their nutritional value. 120 more words

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5 Weeks Fitness and Nutrition Challenge by Chiqueta Hyman

So we are heading into our second week of the 5 Week Fitness and Nutritional Challenge. This week we will incorporating arms in with our glute exercises. 160 more words

Fitness And Health

Life Hacks: As told by Bella

I always see all of these life hacks thing going around. I thought I’d give it a go because I feel like there’s a few nifty things that I’ve learnt over my 25 years so far on planet earth. 411 more words