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Nutrition by Chiqueta Hyman

The nutrition challenge will consist of replacing half of your grains with whole grain options. Whole grain provides your body with better nutrition. Unlike refined processed grains, whole grains have not been stripped of their nutritional value. 120 more words

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5 Weeks Fitness and Nutrition Challenge by Chiqueta Hyman

So we are heading into our second week of the 5 Week Fitness and Nutritional Challenge. This week we will incorporating arms in with our glute exercises. 160 more words

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Life Hacks: As told by Bella

I always see all of these life hacks thing going around. I thought I’d give it a go because I feel like there’s a few nifty things that I’ve learnt over my 25 years so far on planet earth. 411 more words

Back in the Sadddle!

I had to go out of town for work this week. I was nervous because traveling always is a barrier to consistency in diet and exercise, but ironically it actually helped. 115 more words

Runtastic Six Pack: Abs Trainer

Download Runtastic Six Pack Abs Trainer, Exercises & Workouts and DEFINE YOURSELF WITH RUNTASTIC today! Follow the lead of the Runtastic avatars in high-quality, HD videos to complete intense, customized core workouts. 30 more words

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Paleo Week 1 - Getting Into It!

This marked our first week of going Paleo for B and me (the boys are already primarily Paleo in their diets).  The week went really well and I did the bulk of the cooking, which I’m really enjoying.  1,340 more words

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Losing to live: Salad dressing is killing me slowly by LaNette Kincaid

While eating lunch with friends recently, I was really nervous because I wanted to stick to my fitness challenge and I wanted to make the right eating choice. 133 more words

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