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Nikki Shapes L.A.

I met Nikki about a year ago via Twitter. My wife and I were starting to put together a business called Community Perks and looking for small businesses to partner with us to serve the non-profits and schools in Santa Monica. 543 more words

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Strength Training - Part 3 "The Third Training Variable"

The third strength training variable has to do with resistance. In this case it means the weight necessary to cause muscle fatigue within the repetition range mentioned in the last post. 109 more words

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4 Benefits of Having A Coach

When you think of the term, coach, what comes to your mind? Is it your high school P.E. teacher? A famous baseball coach? Pat Summit, Phil Jackson? 223 more words

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Work with a Trainer for Better Results

Have you ever wondered if working with a strength coach or personal trainer is right for you or your children, or worth the money?  Well, according to new research from UCLA, … 302 more words

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Strength Training - Part 3 "The Second Training Variable".

The second training variable has to do with sets. This is the sum of the total number of repetitions to fatigue. The appropriate number of sets varies with the type of equipment used. 170 more words

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Strength Training - Part 2 "The First Training Variable".

The first variable deals with repetitions. This refers to the number of times you move a resistance thought the full range of motion. There are two parts of a repetition. 129 more words

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If you have been thinking of doing the fitness challenge, meal plan, or 4-6 weeks of coaching, now is your chance to get it half off! 19 more words