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WHY should I become a COACH?

If you were directed (by me) to this page, it’s because I want to give you ALL the information that you need to learn what this job would entail. 727 more words

Dry January Thoughts - and Strictly Ticket Details

The first thing to say is that tickets are officially now on sale.  Each couple has an initial allocation and already I’m stressing about selling them but I’m sure it’ll be ok.   690 more words

Strictly Privileged!!!

If you read my last post you may recall that I told you that Trent Whiddon and his wife were not only coming to Nottingham for the Strictly Tour, but that, unbelievably, they had contacted Dawn  at Wollaton School of Dance, and we had the opportunity to have a lesson with them on Monday night. 571 more words

The Importance of Aerobic Exercise #1

The next several posts will address why I believe you should do aerobic exercise every day.

Aerobic exercise is the most universally accepted form of exercise. 63 more words

Fitness Coach

The Magic Pill

Before I talk about the magic pill or miracle in a bottle lets just hop back in time for a minute. My body image issues had started at a young age, not 17 but 13 years old.   529 more words

First Day at School

I write this two weeks into 2015. I have to say that I already feel much healthier, having cut out grains, processed food, and refined sugars from my diet completely. 877 more words

What the Heck is Online Fitness Coaching ?

I have heard a lot of question as to what online fitness Coaching is? Let me start by telling you what it’s not, It’s not a fitness coach (like myself ) barking orders at you through Skype , It’s not a quick fix or a generic fitness plan like a p90x . 316 more words