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Get Your Body in Shape before the Holidays by doing this

Holidays along with inclement weather are coming and many people start to think about what will happen to the body shape they worked so hard to get during the springtime for the summer weather. 437 more words

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Chocolate and Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Who else learned to spell dessert with two d’s because we always want more? We  all like a sweet dessert around the holidays, and I am no exception to wanting more. 214 more words


Avoid Getting Sick this Winter

The cold season (both chilly and cold as in flu) is here and typically people do not like being sick because let’s face it: being sick isn’t fun, right? 752 more words

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Holiday Season is approaching: Don’t get caught off guard

People are busy travelling, getting together with family and some even overindulge in food. Statistics show that during this time of year people tend to gain extra weight. 464 more words

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The Danger of Not Distinguishing Between Wants & Needs

Scrambling to find 20 Rand (the equivalent of 2 dollars) to purchase enough electricity to bake our homemade bread, I realized I had finally learned the difference between a need and a want. 1,141 more words

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#Russia's Football Coaches Skip #Euro2016 Qualifier Over Unpaid Wages

Two members of Russia’s football coaching staff have failed to accompany the national team abroad for a match, citing an ongoing dispute with the country’s football association over unpaid wages. 145 more words


An Active Lifestyle (Reloaded)

Welcome to Part 2 of my new series, Getting There From Here. We are continuing to move on from Daily Reflections but we will revisit that series often, especially when psyche takes precedence. 568 more words