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Obesity And Cancer

Is there a link between Obesity and Cancer?

There are well-known risks for cancer but there are also other risk factors that people are curious about. 758 more words

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Can Real Men do Yoga?

Typically you hear about women joining yoga. But the question is: can men also benefit from yoga?

Here’s what U.S. News Health  report says about men doing yoga: 709 more words

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Pay It Forward

We have all heard the expression to pay it forward, meaning paying back a good deed by benefiting others instead of the original provider. In this case Sam Payne an ex personal training student at Moulton College offered to help the next generation of personal training students studying at the College. 596 more words

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New Chapter

January 1st. New year, new chapter in my life. I am leaving the veterinary field and moving onto a new career that will help me reach my goals. 563 more words



Here is the Summary of my most recent workout:

I like to train chest and back together so that opposing muscle groups are balanced as they recover and grow stronger after my training session. 210 more words



If I had to choose 1 word to describe my life right now it would be this: Blessed. I’ve never been one talk about my feelings, or be “mushy”. 276 more words


Instructor, trainer, or coach: that's the question

I’ve been playing with the idea to treat myself to a personal trainer. But I got completely confused by the multitude of descriptions of what is on offer. 301 more words