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A Fitter You In 10 Days FREE Program!

Have your 2015 fitness goals already gone off track?? For many that would be a yes I suspect and if they are still going strong yay that’s great!! 356 more words

New Mission to My Journey

Its day number three of home workouts with my boyfriend .. which is absolutely nothing, but for me that’s doing good.

I’m not saying I’m obese – ’cause I’m not .. 286 more words

#BFS: M.S. Update 1

If you missed what this is all about, you can catch up over here.

And let me just also add, really quickly, that I am not ‘natural’. 767 more words

Working on my fitness

Back in December I signed up with Steve Poynter, an online trainer from fitnesspoynters.com, so that I could work towards meeting some of my fitness goals. 410 more words

Fitness Goals

Switching Gym Rant

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Well not stuck just overgrown??  Let me try this again.  I’ve been working on this journey to better myself since late March and I’ve been trying different things that I know should work.   1,266 more words


Rewarding yourself... but not with Food!

I am a firm believer in rewarding yourself when you hit milestones!  I use to reward myself with food.  I passed my course let’s go out for dinner; I finally finished that assignment here’s some candy; I’ve been sooo good lately here’s a chocolate bar.   468 more words


Spotlight on Christine Causer

It seems like it was a long time ago when my training manager told me that he had a 6:30 A.M. appointment for me. If I can recall correctly, it was the very next day. 332 more words