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Exercise and Business Travel? Yes!

Don’t Give Up – Change Your Exercise Routine During Business Travel

It’s tradeshow season. For the past four weeks I’ve been living between planes, airport gates, hotels and… 560 more words


AB Training

So most of you know from my numerous posts that my fitness obsession is ABS!

But as I do more and more research, it appears that there were a lot of areas I could improve on to optimize my ab-training therefore getting quicker, better results! 469 more words

Fitness Goals

37 Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday.  In honor of that I am posting 37 tips to fitness and nutrition.  Here’s to #’s 16-20.

16. Food Preparation is the KEY to success. 108 more words

Health Advice from Me (The Girl Whom Everyone Gives Health Advice)

As you know, when it comes to working-out and eating right, I try it all. Literally. If you suggest it, I try it. I admit, I’m still not perfect, I still make mistakes now and then, but there are a few things that I wish I knew at the beginning of this journey last year, that may have gotten me some results sooner. 1,017 more words



If you’re anything like me, goals are necessary. Goals give us long-term vision and short-term motivation. I find having health and fitness goals gives me the motivation to exercise even when I don’t want to, and eat healthily the majority of the time. 442 more words


April 13th: Gumbo Limbo 10K

Today I did a 10K with my friend Caitlin.  It was an overcast, extremely windy morning and I had one too many beers at my bbq last night but, I managed to try my best and finished without falling over, LOL. 132 more words

Gratitude 365

Tenacity Unveiled: The Background and Update

Here’s the scoop on this assiduous 2014 fitness goal of mine to add muscle weight.  This goal.. well, this particular goal is a mental challenge for me.   599 more words