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Work Your Way To A Better Body With These Helpful Fitness Tips

Some individuals believe they will never be able to reach their exercise goals. But, there is no need for a fitness regimen to be too difficult or painful. 1,049 more words


Tried a very short jog today. Lungs did not give me a “I can’t breathe” feeling, though I panted. No strength in legs, but that I can train. 147 more words

How To Start A Fitness Plan

Finally decided to get your life together and start a workout routine? Welcome to the world of better health, happier self and stronger muscles! If you want results, make sure to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. 513 more words

Happy Sweat

Shoulder Update

The left shoulder is still in pain today, although I could probably say that there has been some small improvement. I had an appointment with my chiropractor today, so he put my shoulder through some tests and movements. 94 more words

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Post-Natal Plans: Getting My Butt Back . . . in shape

Heads up, this post is a bit self-indulgent. Self-indulgent because it is mostly about my plans for reclaiming my pre-pregnancy self. I say a bit because perhaps putting myself out there can serve others in some way . 1,894 more words

The Big Six of Weight Training

As we already know weight training is an essential part of every fitness plan. It not only helps strengthen your muscles and bones, but also increases metabolism for fat loss and helps protect your cardiovascular system. 191 more words


Metabolic Training or How to Beat Your “Fat Genes”

In one of our previous posts we’ve mentioned the metabolic workout as a way to advance your trainings. So you’re probably still asking yourself what it means and which kind of exercises one can make to increase one’s genetically predetermined metabolic rate. 439 more words