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New Beginnings


And so another adventure begins, a fitness adventure that is. I’ve spent the best part of the last 13 years entering into various quests to attain fitness results, fat loss and the like. 770 more words

Andi Rush

Real World Training: What are you training for and how are you going to accomplish your goal?

What are you training for? Your health? Yourself? Your family? High blood pressure? Bad Cholesterol? Lift your truck? Be able to do something without feeling like you are dying? 226 more words

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Real World Fitness?
Real World Strength?

What happens to you when you are put in a situation that needs you to be engaged physically or mentally? 232 more words

Marathon 7500 – Pi Carari Ametzitoarii (Trailing Awesomeness)

Am mers, am alergat, ne-am catarat, ne-am tarat, am ras nebuneste cand ploaia si vantul ne faceau in ciuda, am flirtat putin cu soarele, am facut surf pe noroi in intuneric, am fost haituiti de cativa caini ciobanesti, am mancat slanina cu ceapa la Omu, ne-am cautat carare prin ceata si ne-am bucurat ori de e ori mai bifam un punct de control. 594 more words

Trailing Awesomeness, part 1: Marathon 7500, Bucegi

We walked, ran, climbed, crawled, smiled, swore, enjoyed the rain and hated he wind, got wet, flirted with the sun, surfed on the mud in the middle of the night, met the Mama-Bear with her two cubs (eating the runner’s food), got chased by sheppard’s dogs multiple times, made new friends, raced in the foggy weather, ate onion, enjoyed ourselves when we shouldn’t and screamed happily at every conquered check point. 214 more words

Teaching Kids Fitness Training

Today, kids fitness training is important more so than in years past, because kids do not always have the exercise or healthy meals that they need. 499 more words


Fitness Training Programs

Physical fitness is the state of the human body when it is in perfect health. Being fit is very important to stay alert both physically and mentally and also to ward off certain diseases that attack as the body ages. 302 more words