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Are Ice Baths Worth It?

I found a short article today giving me some thought on whether ice baths are worth the pain or not. I’m not a big fan but I have tried a few times. 355 more words


It's Raining, No Excuses!

Yes, it rains here in Los Angeles too. It’s still not an excuse to miss out on fitness training. If you’re looking for an excuse, you will most certainly find one.


1Rebel Gym: London's New Fitness Destination

With Nike’s NTC Week touching down in London there’s been a lot going on in the city’s fitness scene this week, but something that’s definitely caught our attention is the launch of the new… 483 more words



As much as I love doing my own thing when it comes to running, I feel I’m not pushing myself as hard as my ability allows. 204 more words


The Importance of Aerobic Exercise #1

The next several posts will address why I believe you should do aerobic exercise every day.

Aerobic exercise is the most universally accepted form of exercise. 63 more words

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Ironman Swim Set Of Death!

As I pen this blog this morning, my shoulders and traps are tight, and refuse to loosen up anytime soon by the feel of it. Why’s this you might ask? 573 more words


The Importance of Individualized Programs

There is no clear cut answer to anything with injuries, movement, or performance enhancement – the answer always depends.  It always depends on the individual person, what happened, how it happened, what are their hobbies, what movements do they repeat on a daily basis, etc.   24 more words