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Full of the joys of spring

If you’ve watched the film Contagion, based on the premise that if you have a virulent enough set of germs, one per cent of the world’s population (70 million people) may be doomed, it can make you realise how dodging germs is a serious business. 720 more words

Anonymous Runner

Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 4/15/2014: 6,383 steps and 2.2 miles traveled. http://www.fitbit.com/user/2339Z5


Wellness Wednesday: Super Busy? Sneak Fitness Into Your Day

The hustle and bustle of today’s society often leave us moving from one activity to another in a quickened pace, causing us to neglect proper eating, sleeping and fitness habits. 95 more words


Looking for a recipe... via /r/Paleo

Awhile back in r/paleo I came across a recipe for drops the size of lozenges that used a combination of butter and coconut oil, possibly mint and a small amount of sugar. 30 more words


Annie Didn't Work With or For Me at All

So I sprang out of bed this morning ready to head out to “The Box” for my 5th “Fundamentals” class and workout. I noticed less aches and pains than I had this time last week, so I was feeling a bit cocky despite the fact that my period came yesterday. 407 more words

Musings Sometimes Amusing

Quick Elbow Lever Tutorial

Impress your friends with this simple bodyweight trick!  If you have never tried this, you might think it is harder than it is.  This movement is really just about flexibility and balance and it is pretty fun once you figure it out.   65 more words


TD 15042014

Morning – C

1h spinning

1h crossfit (easy pace ;) )

Evening – C

1,5h treadmill (speed: 6.7km/h – 7km/h)

Slowly getting better ;)