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Is palm oil really bad for the environment? [xpost r/videos] via /r/Paleo


Saw this video in /r/videos campaigning against palm oil because apparently it leads to deforrestation? I had no idea about this. Is this true or some campaign to get us to buy more vegetable oil? 32 more words


Prioritize Your Fitness

I’ve heard it before because I’ve had the same thoughts running through my head. Dig deeper and find the real reasons for not working out, eating better and taking care of yourself. 335 more words


The best route to 6 pack abs (individual training advice)

With summer well and truly here, the enviable possession that is the coveted “6 pack” is all too envied and desired!

With the amazing weather we’ve been having so far, it seems only natural to reduce the layers of clothing and allow the Sun’s rays to untie with our skin. 1,010 more words

Movie Review - "Running the Sahara"

Probably about a month ago, my NetFlix arrived bearing a running movie. I received “Running the Sahara” and was excited to check it. Since it was a little while ago, I’ll try to recap and review it as best I can….I need to start writing these right after I watch the movie! 832 more words


Fun Facts Friday- Hike, Run, Tan and Repeat.

It’s been a really long time since I did a “Fun Facts Friday” post. I cannot believe that I’ve slacked off for over a month. 185 more words


Health and Fitness the contradictory and unrealistic industry

I love training and sport and love being healthy and keeping fit.

One of my massive hatreds of the industry though, are the articles found in many magazines and online articles, with get fit quick regimes to improve your body. 310 more words