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Habits of Always Fit People

Incorporate these habits into your own life, and you will find that staying healthy just becomes a part of your daily lifestyle…

1. Never skip a workout. 711 more words


Bench Press unevenness via /r/Fitness

So i’ve seemed to developed this problem when Bench Pressing. It’s only really noticeable when i’m benching my maximum or going for a PR and it’s that one arm/pec is significantly stronger than the other. 136 more words


Fit Tip: How to Learn to Love Running

Running is no doubt one of the best types of cardio you can do for your entire body. It’s great for blood circulation, strengthening your muscles, and heart health. 816 more words


Day 17 - Right Direction!

Thursday 29th January 2015

I started the month with doing the bike sprints, but that fell to the side as I just couldn’t do it as I was training quite a bit. 316 more words


Shape Up: The Metabolism Boosting Workout

If you’ve ever had one of those morning workouts that makes you feel like you continue to burn calories throughout the entire day, you know what a great feeling it is. 400 more words


I Worked Very Hard For That BodyBut the hardest part is yet to...

I Worked Very Hard For That Body

But the hardest part is yet to come. Be proud of your achievements, but stop looking in the past because what’s coming next will bring you to a whole new level. 11 more words


Lowers Emphasis Mobility Stuff

Workout for 1-24-2015
Music: Black Sabbath
T-Shirt: Average Joe’s Gymnasium

Still smartin’ from the last workout.
It was unexpected but that session not only hit the abs but also the lowback, the obiques, the hip flexors, adductors, triceps, lats, and chest. 134 more words