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Couch to 5K - Week 1/Day 1

SO! Having swallowed my doubts, got up off my backside, popped on a pair of running shoes and stepped outside of my comfort boundaries, today officially marked the first day of my new drive to get fit and start running~! 686 more words

Self Discovery

Reasons to Disconnect.

Yesterday afternoon I arrived back from my mission trip in Maine.  My team traveled to Portland and helped with one particular Christian outreach facility there called… 637 more words


Choc Chia Amaaaaze Balls

These little balls are a power pack of yumminess and goodness. Keep them on hand for those mid morning/afternoon snacks and they are PERFECT as a pre-workout snack. 181 more words

Weight Loss

Look Good, Feel Good

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Look Good, Feel Good.” As funny as it might sound, I believe it 100%. It’s the motto that my husband and I live by when getting ready for the gym and it’s the reason why I invest in Lulu apparel. 209 more words

Follow For Follow

Bai Antioxidant Infusions.

I don’t normally stray to far from my three favorite drinks.  Water.  Tea.  And the occasional smoothie… if you count those as a drink.  But today I was introduced to something new that I think might become a regular.   313 more words


So I'm going to start running...

I am good at riding my bike.  Really good.  I can go for miles and miles and get home energized and happy.  But when it comes to running… I have a completely different story.   354 more words