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Feeling Lonely

I have recently been feeling very lonely.

This is one of those low moments. The reason my blog is called a nightsowl is because I am a nightowl. 665 more words


Back in time with Old school Tuesdays: Is Using Free Weights The Best Way To Build Muscle?

Free weights definitely have their advantages. One of their major benefits over machines is that they require more participation from stabilizer muscles. Stronger stabilizers equal better lifts, which equal bigger muscles. 225 more words

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The Burning Building of the Mind

There’s a famous David Foster Wallace quote that’s often included in discussions about mental illness, depression and suicide. Most pointedly to de-stigmatize those issues and frame it in a way that people understand the impetus behind suicide. 402 more words

Non-fiction Writings

A Spoonful of Sugar over Sweetener: For The Those On The Pseudo-Diet

New research indicates that sweeteners are linked to a rise in obesity and diabetes. This is aside the fact that numerous websites and past studies have indicated cancers associated with sweeteners. 358 more words


Under Armour's "I Will What I Want"

Check out the new Under Armour ad featuring Gisele Bündchen and then watch the one featuring Misty Copeland:

Aside from being a brilliant advertising creation, I think it’s incredibly empowering and moving. 96 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Peachbelle's Build-A-Booty Workout

Hello Belles + hello September! :)

Although I absolutely love the summer, my favorite season of all is FALL! It has nothing to do with my birthday being in October either ;). 646 more words


Sleep Debt Epidemic - Napping Not Enough

In a highly corporatized world where time is considered money health is being overlooked in more ways than one. People have begun resorting to one meal a day which is either lunch or dinner.  296 more words