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Excited, I'm getting a new frame...that fits me!

For the last year and a bit I have been going around on a bike that just a tad too big for me, so I ve just purchased a new frame that should fit me better, its only an ali one but I m still quite (very) excited! 67 more words


Pretty Sure He Hates Me

My son, that is. And he doesn’t necessarily care that I am sick either. Or that he gave me pink eye over the weekend. 590 more words

In The Life..

Jealous fits

I hate the last hour of the day before I turn in every night.

That hour is when I tend to make the most unwise decisions and eventually gave a good day an unpleasant end. 288 more words


Examining Victoriatourist V6001 Unisex Laptop Computer Backpack Fits Most

Manufactures build laptops for company sales and profits; they adjust not build laptops for longevity. Manufactures market/advertise these laptops as what consumers are looking for, which is style, lightweight further the convenience of mobility. 212 more words

It is in moments of crisis that your body is capable of producing unbelievable fits that it may never repeat in one life time. So, use moments of crisis to produce moments of awesome fits and get the people on their feet.

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