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Trying New Things: Week 2.

This post is backdated to April 13, 2014.


Ok, rowing isn’t really new (I’ve been 5 times now) but this week I finished my Intensive Coaching Program and joined A-Squad! 28 more words


Bake some buns!

Ready to bake some buns? Don’t skip the squats! And remember that for squats, proper form is key to target the glutes!


Home made lasagne with salad

Lasagne isn’t the healthiest, so try and keep the cheese sauce to a minimum and keep portion sizes small. But yum :)


LIFE: De-Fluffing

So these progress and goals posts were definitely supposed to be monthly, to keep me accountable more than anything – such is life, they have gone by the wayside (as has this blog to my university work, but I digress). 329 more words


Real People Who Fell in Love w/ Fitness - Meet Latasha

Latasha’s Journey…
I’ve always been physically active playing sports such as; flag football, basketball, and track throughout junior high & high school. After I gave birth to my twin boys in April 2005, I was unhappy with how I looked after having them. 437 more words


Annoying People at the Gym

 Recently, I encountered a more than unpleasant woman at the gym, and the experience prompted me to think about the different kinds of people at the gym who are universal assholes, meaning they appear in gyms worldwide. 843 more words

Finding my feet in the Fitspo world...

I never believed them; I thought they had created the idea of it in their minds. I truly never trusted those who used words like ‘buzz’ or ‘enjoyment’ when it came to physical exercise. 547 more words