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L'abito dello sposo

Ammettiamolo, quando si organizza il matrimonio lo sposo viene sempre messo un po’ in secondo piano.

Se il vostro budget non è altissimo vi sconsiglio di andare in un negozio per cerimonie e scegliere un vestito ” da matrimonio “. 80 more words


Light in Dark Places: Meet the Sky Tunnel

Have you got an area in your house that never seems to get the daylight? Do you have to leave a light on all the time? 144 more words


THE Dress

I went dress shopping last weekend with my two roommates (who are also bridesmaids). Savannah is the closest big city to Statesboro, where I live, so the girls and I decided that we should start there. 549 more words

Step one of...

When I arrived today, it was a beautiful day. BOY did I wish Dragon Wing had been in the water! But, alas, today was the remove the stuffing box day.  1,245 more words

Repairs And Upgrades

New Lakorn Fitting.

First Lakorn is Na Rak producer by Channel 5 Exact, Airing in a few more day, i’m excited for this Lakorn especially Ak and Gam start in here. 395 more words


Some By Hand London Anna dress fitting issues

I have today off work, and was planning on using the time to try and make some headway on my Sew Dolly Clackett dress, for which I’m making a By Hand London Anna. 1,000 more words