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How To Make Apple Pie and See The World

Today we took what we learned yesterday and put it to good use…baking apple pie!!  It was not nearly so glamorous as these pictures make it appear.  188 more words

Kindergarten Week 10 {FIAR} Daniel's Duck

The fair was in town this week, so we took the opportunity to read Daniel’s Duck, learn about the fair, woodcarving, cabin life, and emotions. 944 more words

Five In A Row

September 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

September was the beginning of our first 12 week term and we had so much fun learning together! As you can see from this long post (sorry!) our month was packed with good books, laughter, and time outside. 725 more words


Kindergarten Weeks 8/9 {FIAR} The Duchess Bakes a Cake

We spent two weeks learning about all things Medieval with the book The Duchess Bakes a Cake.  The kids had a blast exploring Knights, Kings, Queens, and of course the science behind baking.   941 more words

Five In A Row

Kindergarten Weeks 6/7 {FIAR} Truman's Aunt Farm

We rowed Truman’s Aunt Farm over a three week period in which we also welcomed our sweet new baby girl Adeline into our family.  So, this was a long row, but it was a wonderful and rich three weeks of learning!   626 more words

Five In A Row

How to make an apple pie...

Last week we “rowed” our first book.  The term rowing refers to doing a literary unit from the Five in a Row curriculum.  The way it works is you pick a great book from the list of books that they have created literary units,  read it each day aloud, and then the student participates in different learning activities based on the book.   161 more words

How We Do...Picture Books

This one’s for you, Team P! :)

First my disclaimer(s): I am really picky about picture books! Life is too short to read bad books. And if your kids are like mine, when they latch on to a particular book, you will be reading it overandoverandoverandoverandOVER! 1,821 more words