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Five Questions: photographer Wynn White

Wynn White is an American fine art black and white photographer and printer living in Chiba, Japan. A selection of his beautiful images are projected alongside the historic Hiroshige woodblock prints in… 509 more words


Five Questions: Barkley Marathons finisher Jared Campbell

If you don’t follow ultra and trail running, you likely haven’t heard of Jared Campbell or the Barkley Marathons.  If you do, then you know what sort of feat it is to just finish this race, much less finish twice.   750 more words


So I wanna interact with my readers

Basically, I’m gonna start up a new thing, hopefully it catches on. If not, My bad. Basically every Wednesday is 5 questions. Each person can send in a question and on Wednesday I will answer it as best as I can. 56 more words

Wise words

One of the great British Politician died on 14 March – Tony Benn.

I have generally avoided Politics and Religion here on this blog – but I read something last week from Benn which appealed to me. 100 more words


Five Questions: Maddy Hribar

I first learned about Maddy Hribar from the Facebook postings of friends of mine there, namely Ally Speirs, Caleb Masland, and Peter Larson.  I friended her and have followed her running exploits and successes for a few months now. 1,104 more words


Five Questions: Nicola LeFanu

Five Questions to composer, Nicola LeFanu.

What first attracted you to the idea of the Tokaido Road project?

Lots of things! The opportunity of working with Okeanos again, and the chance to discover writing for koto and sho. 461 more words

Nicola LeFanu

Tony Benn 1925-2014

Ask the powerful five questions:

What power have you got?

Where did you get it from?

In whose interests do you exercise it?

To whom are you accountable? 44 more words

UK Politics