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Five Sentence Fiction: Waiting

Like waiting for spring or waiting for summer I am waiting for an apology.
Waiting for an apology is not like waiting for Christmas.
The longer it takes to get here the less you enjoy it.
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Dawn M. Miller


I’ve decided to participate in a writing challenge called Five Sentence Fiction. The idea is write an entire story in only 5 sentences. Each week, a new prompt is posted at… 208 more words

Not This Time

Not This Time

12 o’clock you said. You promised we’d do this thing together. It’s almost twenty past and the train is approaching.

No doubt you’ll have plenty of well rehearsed, almost believable, excuses.

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Flash Fiction

Time Flies - Five Sentence Fiction

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I can hear my Mum’s voice, clear and bell-like as if she is standing right next to me.

“A watched kettle never boils, Ellie!” 78 more words

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Home Going: Five Sentence Fiction

Most people celebrate Home Comings, the deceased, it is said, are Going Home, this young lady though was waiting on a Home Going…

Lillie McFerrin posts a… 204 more words

Five Sentence Fiction

Waiting . . .

It had been nine months since Jennifer McAllister had tied the big yellow bow around the tree in the front yard, shortly after saying a tearful goodbye to her husband, Rick, right before he shipped overseas with his military unit. 170 more words


Confession Is Good for the Soul

“Church, Taos Pueblo National Historic Landmark, New Mexico, 1942″ by Ansel Adams, via Wikipedia

As the last train for two weeks clanked and smoked into the white distance, Dutch Snyder murmured, “Maybe he ain’t showin’,” and squirted a brown stream of tobacco juice from the shade of the depot onto the rails, where it sizzled in the late-day Arizona sun. 226 more words

New Life