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Confrontation- Five Sentence Fiction

Sheila despised that bunch of youths who hovered near the taxicab stand every morning, waiting for her to pass by, so they could hoot and whistle each time. 102 more words



Roach had never given up on praying, even in the trenches he’d managed to find some hope in reciting the Lord’s Prayer whenever the whistle blew out somewhere along the line even if it wasn’t his turn to go over the top. 256 more words


Feigning Fearlessness

I love a good writing challenge, especially when it concerns brevity. Five Sentence Fiction is just that: “write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.” The challenge is hosted weekly by  309 more words


Seagram's 7: Five Sentence Fiction

Love and admiration, family and memories, proud women and what this country is built on…


Dreadful morning!

They both were happy in their own world, least bothered about the rest, leading a life like a perfect made- for- each- other couple.

Happily they were flying and roaming the sky, when a hunter shot one of them dead, to fulfill his own needs, and boasting the world with his excellent piece of hunt of the morning. 140 more words

Ultimate Blog Challenge


Your first day of High School can be a terrifying thing even in the best of circumstances, and by the laws that govern the halls I was the tall geek with thick rimmed glasses. 171 more words



At the picnic after the parade, while vets still in pieces of once-better-fitting uniforms hugged and slapped backs, laughing or whispering recollections, my cousin Brian sat at a table away from everyone drinking two sixes of Miller he’d lined up in columns of two, holding each one up in front of him before he chugged it down. 236 more words