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At the picnic after the parade, while vets still in pieces of once-better-fitting uniforms hugged and slapped backs, laughing or whispering recollections, my cousin Brian sat at a table away from everyone drinking two sixes of Miller he’d lined up in columns of two, holding each one up in front of him before he chugged it down. 236 more words


Five Sentence Fiction: Rain

I love when it rains on Thursdays.
I’m okay with it raining on Wednesdays and Fridays too.
I work the night shift and sleep during those days.
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Dawn M. Miller

The forgiving storms

In the distance dark clouds huddle together adding menace to the growing wind that rouses leaves and petals from their midday slumber. Far off rolling rumbles summon me, and with open arms I welcome the oncoming storm, standing firm as gentle kisses soon escalate to savage blows, the ensuing battering a reprimand that whips my body with fearsome disregard for its fragility. 100 more words

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Raindrops on my head- Five Sentence Fiction

Thunder and lighting rent the sky as the villagers watched with hope gleaming in their parched eyes.

At the first sight of the beautiful raindrops, they rushed out of their homes, filling the air with their joyous voices and their mouths upturned to receive the first showers of the season. 112 more words


Thank the Rain



The first time I saw the kid I would be remiss if I said I paid more interest in him than just a passing glance. My balcony overlooking Wilbur street was the most amazing spot to read or nap when it was raining.. 121 more words


Unsaid Goodbye

She left him without saying the last goodbye.
He felt betrayed for his last questions were still unanswered.
He was left with no answers but only, memories that made his tears fall freely. 34 more words

Short Story

Unsurpassed young season!

She recalls how she used to have fun in this season, away from the worldly things towards the peace that she found in the falling water droplets. 110 more words

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