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Lavender Tulip

I hope you know.

There is no written explanation for your beauty, it’s just as nature had intended

Not trying to be a rose or daisy, fragile and strong … the irony… 131 more words

Five Seven Five

A String of Haiku = Poem?

I got inspiration to write today, but I wasn’t quite up to writing a full poem. I started writing little haiku, and then kept on making ones that tied in to one another. 136 more words

The Whole Left Behind

Nobody ever wants to know when something partial was left behind, it was incomplete and easily discarded

They didn’t see what I saw, blemished by the world, broken by the past and scarred by the future…a memory now… 254 more words

Five Seven Five

Lost in Space

I sat in the middle of chaos, unsure of what to think or how to feel

The motion of bodies, warmth of soul, swirling all around as the rumbles of the bass enveloped every inch of the floor… 231 more words

Five Seven Five

The Difference

I have spent awhile trying to arrange my thoughts to tell you what a simple Thank You would not

For being different, for asking what very few have ventured to know, its felt like so long that I feel I almost forgot what it was like… 230 more words

Five Seven Five