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Arbor Dhey

In the living room looking through the window pane

I can see myself standing under the tree of life, shaded

The fruits of experience are still growing quickly… 143 more words

Living Hard, Loving Hard

Friends List

Oh friends list, how you tease me so.  With your green dots and rotating faces, taunting me and questioning why I don’t have the 317 friends others have.   229 more words


Why, I'm a Nice Guy (Insert Smiley Face)

Hello world!

So, I was driving along today and as I was skipping along on the freeway, I slowed down to let someone in because they were using their blinker and I figured, hell…nobody uses those things, so I let her in the lane.   317 more words


Passion Rejected

Flowers arrived I did not want
I leaned back to avoid contact
A mumble under the breath
“I missed”

No tether nor anchor
Freedom to live on a whim… 54 more words


Designed Destruction


There was a day
Of solitude and grace
No distinguishable error
Until the wind took me away

Filled with colors of joy
The light of life… 136 more words