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Five Things Friday

I hope everyone had a good week! I can’t believe it’s Friday already.

Here’s five things I’m loving this Friday: 

1. Foam Rollers – Foam rolling is an essential part of recovery and self-myofascial release for any type of athlete.  634 more words

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Five [Awesome] Things I Read This Week, 4.18.2014

This Forbes Magazine article introducing a report by the coalition Americans For Tax Fairness that estimates the amount of government assistance awarded indirectly to Walmart.  Their theory is that Walmart is able to make high profits by keeping its employees’ incomes low, and that those employees are able to survive and continue working due to public benefits like food and housing assistance payments.  326 more words

Five Awesome Things I Read This Week

Five Things

That made me smile this week:

1.She’s a Beauty” by The Tubes. David Foster mentioned it when he was out to dinner with his wife on RHOBH. 200 more words

Favorite Things

five things

So, there is no way I am going to remember (or have time) to do this every day, but I was thinking if I could just capture the day in five things, then I’d have a pretty good record of our daily life. 73 more words

10 Things About Me

I’m bored, so I thought I would write five facts about me (I tried ten but I’m not that interesting).

1. I play quite a bit of Rugby, League and Union. 54 more words

Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cyclone Radar this week:

1) Of course the top story on campus this week is the VEISHEA that wasn’t. 882 more words

Five Things

Five Fun Facts About Sunflowers

1. Helianthus, is another word associated with the sunflower. It is a combination of two words viz., Helios meaning sun and Anthos meaning flower.
2. It is the national flower of Ukraine and dates back to nearly 3000 years. 72 more words