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My goals and 5 year plan

As I reach some of the goals I had set for myself along my 5 year plan, I stop and contemplate if I am making the right decisions. 408 more words

A Life Examined

28 on the 28th: My Five Year Plan

Stay with me here. This introduction will likely not make complete sense since it’s an amalgamation of something silly my former coworkers and I came up with (it’s not really funny) and my tendency to find connections between random things (and, of course, being really excited about finding them). 945 more words

Random Thoughts

Left & Right - Low Expectations (Music Video)

Left & Right‘s Five Year Plan will likely come to be regarded as one of 2014’s most under-appreciated releases. Available now as a limited-run cassette from Infinity Cat Recordings’ ongoing series, it’s a record entirely devoid of weak songs. 310 more words

Crystal Palace: Joel Ward vs Martin Kelly

Should Wardy be moved back to the right or does it make sense to keep him on the left? George Martin has a look at the options. 589 more words


In the beginning...

It’s hard to believe what seemed like forever has already gone by and our “5-year-plan” is in full swing. I remember when Chris and I were first married and he could hardly talk about having kids because the idea of being financially secure enough to do so seemed like eons away. 608 more words


5 Year Plan

I am very much a goal oriented person. My entire life exists as a constant cycle of setting, achieving, or abandoning goals. I usually call the last one a tactical/strategic withdrawal so I feel less guilty about it. 289 more words


The Five Year Plan.

I don’t have a five year plan. I don’t even have a one year plan. I like the idea of the five year plan though, it’s a great concept. 552 more words