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I've Fallen Behind

With everything.

I don’t remember the last time I actually sat down and wrote a blog post. To those who read my posts regularly, you might be thinking the same thing. 698 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

How Not To Flirt ●

Post taken from -
       ” The Muslim Girl “

There are lots of how-to guides out there that tell people how to flirt. This is not one of them. 754 more words


so tempting

when in a fix to

sit like a statue in front

of the damn TV

Yoga And Addiction

Fix Ice Machines Yourself and Save

DIY doesn’t have to be all about the home, what about the business?  Restaurants seem to be a volatile business in 2014, so cutting costs and saving money are very important to every owner.   352 more words

Ice Machines

Tips to Dewy, Glowing Skin

#1. Hydrate. Drink as much water as possible! I hate hate hate the taste of water- weird I know. I try to drink 100 fl ounces a day. 555 more words


"Crap, I'm an Adult."

Recently I was talking to my niece, who is in her late twenties, the mother of two boys, and is working on her Bachelor’s degree. I was telling her how nicely I thought she had turned out, and that not that many years ago she really had me worried. 234 more words