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Best 3D Printing Blue (Painter's) Tape - DIY Lexan Heatbed / Build platform fix for 3D Prints that won't stick

Short Answer: 3M Blue Painters Tape works great! But most blue tape will work.
(Always clean print surface before printing)

Long – Term DIY FIX… 393 more words


An Owie.

Hello, it’s Zekie.  I had my latest appointment a week ago, and it proved to NOT be Graduation Day after all yet.  That’s okay.

I wanted to speak today about a little thing has come up and how we’re working with it.   565 more words

Dentist in Albuquerque Helps Fix Smiles through Cosmetic Procedures

Other cosmetic procedures also offered by dentists in Albuquerque and other locales include bonding and dental implants. Tooth bonding is a dental process where materials are directly bonded to the tooth. 92 more words

FIX FACTORY Μαραβελιας

Ο Maraveyas στο Fix Factory στην Θεσσαλονίκη για μοναδική εμφάνιση για να μας διασκεδάσει όπως μόνο αυτός ξέρει να κάνει σε ένα γνωστό χώρο για αυτόν μιας και έχει εμφανιστεί αρκετές φορές στο Fix Factory. Η ώρα προσέλευσης στο Fix Factory είναι 21:00 . Τιμή εισόδου 10€ προπώληση 12€ στο ταμείο.

Stitch Fix Review.

Hey there, this is my second Stitch Fix! And after my second box, I wanted to share my experience with you!



What Do I Do About Myself?

I see that I greatly annoy many people on here, and I try to fix it, but I don t know what to do, I don t know if something I m writing is wrong, I don t know if this I m writing now is right or just annoys people, I m messed up with my really low EQ, unabilty to deal with many of simplest social situation… I m sorry, I m sorry to everyone for annoying you, making you feel bad about me and posting such content, I wish I could be a different person, not the self centered asshole I often seem… What Do I Do About Myself? 7 more words

Avoid these common gutter issues with GutterShutter!

  • Leaking roofs and gutters
  • Leaking basements and foundation cracks (gutter overflows allow water to collect near the foundation)
  • Rotten wood
  • Insects (bugs go where there is moisture)
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