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Fixer-Upper Hunting: Signs It Needs New Roofing in Menlo Park, CA

If the home you’re looking at falls under the “downright ugly fixer” category, make sure you thoroughly inspect the entirety of the house before committing to buy it. 104 more words

The Carousel Shock

At the airport, a ( obviously abusive ) grandma picked up the wrong luggage for her dialed grand daughter who told her ( many times ) it was the wrong luggage. 195 more words


The Girl Who's Just a Friend

Recently, I’ve had several conversations with girlfriends of mine, who all happen to be in a variety of different relationship statuses (stati? Hah, they both sound weird). 1,034 more words



At long last

The latest episode of The Immortal Chronicles is here at last, after delays caused by the unexpected death of my computer and the discovery that the story was going to end up being… 171 more words


A Brief History of Meyle

It seems that quite a few owners of automotive parts companies end up in racing after they’ve made their fortune; but the founder of Meyle… 339 more words


Genuine OEM Common Sense

The concept that only your dealer can work on your car has gone far enough. Sure we understand that certain Genuine OE parts are better than the aftermarket counterparts. 256 more words


Don't Forget to Replace and Check Your Idler Pulley and Belt Tensioners!

Even beginner Fixers know that basic maintenance dictates the need to regularly replace your vehicle’s serpentine belt. The simple, cheap item that’s responsible for keeping so many components of your engine running. 741 more words