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#Poetry 'Blue Lady' by Fiza Pathan

Blue Lady

Blue lady of the mist don’t change your soothing hue,

Make me forget the lies that I’m still holding true.

Blue lady cuddle up next to me in the night, 304 more words


Will This Little Girl Ever Find Love?

The girl in this picture could have been Fiza Pathan, now a 25-year-old teacher and writer from Mumbai. Instead, today she is publishing  her novel,  526 more words


An Interview with Author Lucie Novak by Fiza Pathan

An Interview with Author Lucie Novak

Lucie Novak ( pen name), a practising GP, has written her first novel A Woman with (No) Strings Attached’. 2,779 more words

#friendship A Friend Called Richard by Fiza Pathan

A Friend Called Richard

by Fiza Pathan

Today was a big day for my author friend Lucie Novák as her very first book ‘A Woman with No Strings Attached’ was released today. 1,544 more words

Fiza Pathan

Acid (Short Story) by Fiza Pathan


by Fiza Pathan

My name is Rebecca Harrison and today I want to tell you my story. My father’s name is Russ Harrison and he is the Canadian ambassador living in India. 1,747 more words

Fiza Pathan

Blood Stains (Short Story) by Fiza Pathan

Blood Stains

My mother was worried about me. To be frank, the whole family was worried about me but my mother was extra sensitive and so was a bit too anxious for me; reason? 1,061 more words

Fiza Pathan