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What Is Heraldry?

Heraldry has been defined by the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada as the “…study, design, regulation and use of armorial bearings, commonly known as coats of arms.” The first example of heraldry in Canada occurred at Gaspé, on July 24, 1534, when Jacques Cartier raised a cross that bore the arms of Francis I, King of France. 244 more words

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Images of heraldry now on Flickr

Heraldry is a form of identification using emblems. It started in 12th-century Europe when knights painted their shields to identify themselves while wearing armour. These coats of arms displayed the individual’s identity on the battlefield. 64 more words

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I envy Puertoricans

I have always carried a certain weight on top of me, a mental stopgap that doesn’t let me enjoy my heritage.   My parents being from Peru, they identify themselves as Peruvians, even though they are very grateful of the opportunities Puerto Rico (and by extension the US) have given them.  738 more words


Week #26 Not much inspiration...

I shot lots of film on my trip to Berlin. When I returned to Rotterdam and went back to work in week 26, I didn’t have much inspiration to shoot. 41 more words


Things That Drive Me Crazy

Do you ever have those moments when you can’t believe what you just heard or what you just saw? I have many times. And most of the time I keep my thoughts to myself. 388 more words