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Giving Flak Some Flak

There is one other small point to make, it occurs to me, regarding lasers and appropriate uses of same.

One of which is that the Imperial Navy, by and large, uses carefully targeted laser weapons for short-range point defense, the intent being to vaporize small projectiles, blind sensors, overheat close-in AKVs and send ‘em into thermal shutdown (being small, they have precious little heat-dumping capacity, relying instead on avoiding being hit), and convince missile warheads (for those people who feel the need to  321 more words


April 9, 1944

Easter Sunday

Lonely Easter Sunday. Missed all you folks and really was lonesome for you, Bonnie. The services were awfully nice, and I could feel that God was present. 812 more words

The Corps Report Ep. 33 — New Flak Jackets and Tuition Assistance Update

Welcome to the Marine Corps’ web update, “The Corps Report.” Want to know what’s been happening in the Corps recently? Check us out every payday for all the latest gouge. 14 more words

World War II - Flak Towers

After the RAF‘s raid on Berlin in 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of 3 massive flak towers to defend the capital from air attack. 1,209 more words


February 24, 1944

February 24, 1944. Thursday
Another day another dollar — in the hole.

I went to the show last night. Du Barry Was a Lady.1 Red Skelton, Lucille Ball, Gene Kelly. 592 more words