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Second semester's flash assignments

This one includes four interactive buttons. The moon, wolf, bats and stars work in mouse over and mouse click.


This is a simple walk cycle… 34 more words


Wouldn't Be That Long

At her mercy, he found himself curious, he found himself aroused, he found himself amazed. He wasn’t aware of the power he had over her, though he knew by the smell, the taste of her, that she wanted it as much as he did. 131 more words


Mr. Blue-Eyes

It new one thing, one important thing: To be alone was to risk the end. It was not to be left alone, under any circumstances. 345 more words


You're Too Willful

There is silence between the two, in the bathhouse, the thick steam clinging to them both, making blonde waves damp, making blonde curls tighter.

“I’ll stay here in silence with you, but I had assumed you called me here for a reason other than my company.” 160 more words


whatever ragged scars would be left

It wasn’t the worst moment to come, the night he had to curl up, drugged, beaten, bloody, bearing a strangely youthful wonder for her, as though the past decade hadn’t happened. 150 more words


I Understand Perfectly

He couldn’t even swallow; he felt perspiration bead on his forehead and the faintest cool breeze from the open window kissed his skin. It was a gentle thing, not at all like the way the dark-eyed man stared him down. 254 more words