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"Stop! Why are you using flash in the middle of the day!?" 4 things to remember when balancing flash with natural light.

I recently attended a wedding (where I wasn’t the photographer) but I had my camera with me. I was obeying the golden rule of “photographer at a wedding you’re not photographing” which is: one body, one lens, one flash. 541 more words



We set the fires as the sun goes down, one here, at the twilight’s edge, the cast back the darkness. When it is high enough, when the earth has turned enough, at the next ridge, they let theirs flare to life, and so on, and so on. 186 more words


Strip Clubs

Strip clubs weren’t a venue of choice; it was too easy to get distracted by a change in the music or the way the disco spotlights would twirl. 245 more words


Sharply Blue

He remembered the first time he thought he was going to die.

Blood reddened his white shirt, ran over his chest and shoulders, wet and warm and somehow wrong — the sight of blood disturbs some; the sight of one’s… 170 more words


Rotating font in flash

Hello there!

Have you ever needed to change the orientation of a text to 90ยบ in flash mode? Were you able to make it works? 139 more words



Stars swam in her eyes within a field of red, a wash of glittering burn that left her dazed. “What?” she said aloud, looking around, bewildered. 513 more words