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Love, April

Dear Diary,

I swear that someday I’ll stop starting every entry that way, really. There’s something familiar and safe about it, though, so maybe I’ll just keep saying that I’ll swear I’ll stop, but I won’t actually stop. 284 more words



She couldn’t get pregnant. She couldn’t give him a disease. She wouldn’t tell him no and her body could be unhinged to fold and bend in ways that were both obscene and perhaps illegal. 142 more words


The Old Apartment

When I walk into her rooms, they’re a wreck. I should have known it would be, but I’m still somewhat surprised by the level of filth that always managed to accumulate, and the way she lived in it, without caring. 1,695 more words


Deliver A Message

He’s not sure how long she’ll be gone, but he’s gone to her apartment, to look for her, and there’s no sign. Dutifully, he lets himself in and waters the plants, dusts things, picks up the mail and newspapers, makes it look like she hasn’t abandoned the place. 799 more words


Dragon Stuff

1. The Jade Sword

2. The Dragon’s Paw

3. Lil Magical Sakuras

4. The Dragon’s Light


As new, exciting and extense projects are starting to reach me I’ll have to re-organize my schedule to fit all those different art directions. 59 more words


The Final Tear

“So help me–” he began, his voice cutting through the dim, rancid air that seems to have settled.

He spoke, and her heart stuttered. Oh, the… 457 more words


The Abbey

It’s a blustery winter day in Bury St. Edmunds. The wind gnaws on my extremities. Despite having come from Washington, I am ill prepared for the damp cold as I pull my hands into the sleeves of the hooded sweatshirt I bought at the Base Exchange. 380 more words