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Yesterday, it was all business.

Tomorrow, it will be all business again.

Today, however, she puts her feet up, drinks her milk, watches telenovelas, and reads the same paperback she’s had for the last eight years. 91 more words


For Raoin (because of the duckface)

I asked for duckface. You gave me duckface. Ergo, you get rewarded. Just, y’know, months later. This bit of fiction is dedicated to you, for being a good minion. 482 more words


One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right, a day where everything, in fact, goes the opposite of right? A day that deteriorates to comic proportions, everything about it unraveling until it becomes almost predictable. 170 more words


Three Strikes

The first time I was struck by lightning could only be described as an act of God. I was lying on a beach on a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and zero percent chance of thunderstorms or precipitation. 475 more words


Pixel Mago Flash (for Canon) review

אם אתה אוהב אבזור DSLR שלך או תאורת סטודיו, אז אתה בהחלט נתקלת כבר בשם Pixel. מפורסם ביותר בזכות סדרת KING, הטריגרים אלחוטיים TTL שלהם, שהביאה את הטכנולוגיה הזו לשוק במחיר סביר, Pixel עכשיו מביאה לנו פלאש עם כל האופציות והGN הגבוה ביותר בשוק, מוכן להתחרות ראש בראש עם Canon 600EX ו Nikon SB910, והמגוון הרחב של הבזקים  הזמינים מיצרני הצד שלישי. 112 more words


Pixel Mago Flash (for Canon) review

If you’re into accessorizing your DSLR or studio lighting, then you definitely came across the Pixel name already.

Most famous for their King series of TTL wireless triggers, which brought this technology to an affordable price point, Pixel now brings us a fully featured flash gun with one of the highest GN on the market, ready to compete head to head with Canon 600EX and Nikon SB910, and the wide variety of high end flashes available from third party manufacturers. 1,689 more words