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Why's it Always You?

She stood high, watching out over the city. A sugary smoke fell to ash undisturbed, forgotten between her fingers. He blinked long-lashed eyes and breathed in all the scents surrounding her, smoke and rain, city street and burnt gasoline, wet rubber, blood. 107 more words



He was mine, though he never knew it. His hands crafted worlds, fingers pulling them loose from the firmament, making webs between the bright lights of stars. 106 more words


What It's Like

Something is rising up, a tide of sick that never crests at the throat, never crosses the tongue, is never allowed out.

It swells and swells, a gorge that threatens but refuses to be purged. 125 more words



Yesterday, it was all business.

Tomorrow, it will be all business again.

Today, however, she puts her feet up, drinks her milk, watches telenovelas, and reads the same paperback she’s had for the last eight years. 91 more words


For Raoin (because of the duckface)

I asked for duckface. You gave me duckface. Ergo, you get rewarded. Just, y’know, months later. This bit of fiction is dedicated to you, for being a good minion. 482 more words