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Pay Per View - Sunday Photo Fiction

“Daddy can I have fifty cents pah-lease?” asked Damien’s daughter.

Camera hanging from around his neck and being distracted because he was about to become one of the 30% club for seeing Mount McKinley, he reached into his pocket and pulled out two quarters handing them to her. 203 more words


Game On! Prime Beef #8Sunday #flashfiction

Game On! is a short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. Heath is a semi-pro football player in town for the season when he meets Jordan, a teacher with obvious trust issues, who proposes a sexual game. 291 more words

Dani Jace

The Betrayed #FlashFiction

‘Where did I go wrong? I had planned the moves meticulously. The pawns created a front line of defense. They had to be beaten to get to the horsemen, knights and rooks. 150 more words


Amber's Ward

by Chris Buchanan
Flash fiction, 2010

The stockroom is faded and blurred at the edges, like her. I don’t exactly know if it’s too dark in here or if I just need to blink. 816 more words

Short Story

Photo Story #60

It was October, but it felt like a sizzling July afternoon. Friday night they’d driven off. No plans, no map, no destination other than “away”. She asked him to stop on a country road. 8 more words



by Chris Buchanan
Flash fiction, 2013

I got lucky straight off the bat. Third day on the job. Let me tell you though, those first two days were the stuff of adventure books: angst, falling in love, rising to challenges, making amazing discoveries, secret identity and learning all the beginners’ lessons about responsibility and stuff. 1,133 more words

Short Story

The Last Two

by Chris Buchanan
Flash fiction, 2013

It doesn’t matter when it happened for now. It happened. It will never matter whose fault it was, and it doesn’t matter if it could have been prevented. 512 more words

Short Story