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April 16: Flash Fiction Challenge

Life. It’s our stories.

Even when we write fiction, it’s our own stories that bubble up–how we process the world; how we describe the way a red lunar moon appears to us at midnight; how we felt when our cousins visited back in 1977. 746 more words


Parking Lot Hip Hop

When I first started driving, I learned about the gas pedal and the brake pedal; about stop signs and traffic lights; about rolling stops and running red lights.   232 more words

Flash Fiction

Two Friends #Flash Fiction

Two Friends

When I met him he was a bit strung out, a bit me, myself and I, and hard to understand. I hardly recognized my friend and what he was saying but still, there was someone there, inside, I thought I still knew. 374 more words

#Flash Fiction

Diving in Bermuda

“Captain, I’m approaching a cavern entrance. Shall I attempt entry?”

A garbled voice returned through the speaker in his helmet.

“Please repeat.”

When no one replied he looked up at the shimmering surface high above. 80 more words



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wholly Wednesday

           Been out, coffee and ready rub with sublime chooks, left mug hooked on fence, a calling card. Sun glasses still on head, ate carrot cake. 170 more words


'Noise' #AtoZChallenge

Legs dangling from the tiny wooden foot bridge, the drift of the brook carries my feet afloat. The air is damp and heavy this evening with a cloying fog left behind by the rains. 473 more words

Nina D'Arcangela

Chihuahua Fence

Beware of the dog behind the white picket fence, a fawn Chihuahua.

Flash Fiction