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Morning Wood

Adam wakes up completely underneath his heavy green quilt, shivering and drenched in sweat.  Slivers of morning penetrate the lines of stitching in the fabric, unusually bright pinpricks of light illuminating Adam’s bare body beneath the covers. 413 more words


Writing Prompt 8

In Week 31 of The Iron Writer Challenge, four authors were asked to write a 500-word story (give or take a few words) Writing Prompt 2involving the following elements. 150 more words


Micro fiction

“Couldn’t trouble you for a drink, could I?” asked Clive, booted feet on his hosts’ coffee table.

His hosts ignored him; or so Clive imagined – apparently corpses didn’t have much in the way of proper manners. Or beer.




Just for Fun: Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

by Rebekah Postupak

It showed up on my porch at the most inopportune time, weeping and mewing pathetically.

My sister and I stood staring at it for a while, me, silently, and my sister with the perpetually distracting toothpick in her mouth, gnaw, gnaw, gnaw. 435 more words

Flash Fiction

The funny thing about Wells Street by Sarah Gedye.

The funny thing about Wells Street is that there aren’t any wells.

Maybe there were when it was named, when wells were at rather more of a premium than they are now. 305 more words

Flash Fiction

Crossing Over

This is in response to Six Word Challenge

“Don’t look down!”

Pulsating, he teetered.