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My Diary

June went to work moments before I got out of our Viking long boat bed (the dog was still sleeping). I made the Noah’s ark trip to my studio with my thoughts travelling ahead of me like beams of light made manifest in a dusty room; I touched the hem of the imaginary ornate Georgian curtains (in our imaginary Georgian house – Jane Austen lives next door) and then pulled the paint stained curtains of reality apart. 61 more words


#1517 - Winter Solstice

Tanim slid the deadbolt home and turned slowly, surveying the apartment with a critical eye while one hand moved to pull the gun from his coat pocket. 1,063 more words


Face-Paw - Grammar Ghoul Press


I didn’t believe it at first, but after reviewing the security camera footage, I knew the truth.

I sat at the motel desk watching the Bears losing and browsing through a magazine. 838 more words

Short Fiction


It’s 10:28 PM and I still miss you.


Prose Poem


And in the middle of a million
“He said-she said’s”
That affinity faded.


Prose Poem

No escape

He crept and ventured into the forbidden territory…
There was no escape.


Prose Poem


“Damn it! I want to be like her.”
She said as as she struggled to slip into her new Levi’s original…
What a pun!


Prose Poem