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Flash Fiction: Wake Up

Let me tell you a tale about sleep.

A flash fiction, called:

Wake Up

There are, in this world, sounds that have become universally hated. They fluctuate at just the right pitch, drilling through your skull, and making your ears bleed; nails across the chalkboard, a baby crying, and the scream of a cat. 1,255 more words


the morning star (2)

Love and sacrifices are only meant for mortals…

Those were fate’s plans for the prince. His aberrant behavior lead to something more than the insignificance of a dust speckle. 498 more words


Morning Fog

Fog clung to the ground as Catelyn pushed the cemetery gate aside, the only visitor in the early morning sunshine.

Despite the weak sunlight, the fog swirling about her feet leant an eerie silence to the cemetery, the only sound that of her feet crunching on the small white pebbles littering the paths between graves. 175 more words


The spirit of forgotten spaces

The ‘Spirit of Forgotten Spaces’ valued his anonymity above all things and Kevin Tagwood knew from the moment he had stumbled upon his existence his life would never be the same. 448 more words

Flash Fiction

Claws Red, Fangs Snapping

She drew her cloak tighter around the ragged edges of her breath, trying to disguise the rapid rise-and-fall of her chest. She pulled her face-mask closed, to hide her lolling tongue and to cover the sound of her panting. 568 more words


Santa #4270

I brought Hilda to Santa #4270. Why? He had been my Santa and there was a good reason why 4270 was my Santa. When I sat on his lap or on a prop he provided, I… 1,106 more words


Flash Fiction...?

I have a question for everyone…

What are your thoughts on flash fiction challenges? I’ve been thinking about setting some up starting possibly as early as next month, but I’m still on the fence. 79 more words