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I’d always remember the way he stared at his pencils before he started sketching. I would be bundled in a robe in his unusually, cold studio and he’d often pick a 2H, a harder lead only used for detailed drawing, stare at it for a few seconds, and place it back as if they had parted ways for good. 571 more words


Boring Super Powers - The Human Spirit(level) - 27th November 2014 (23:59)

“Did you know your shelf isn’t straight?”

“Yes, thank you David, but yes, I noticed.”

“Alright, I’m just saying.”

The men sit in silence sipping on their beer. 63 more words


Minnie hassles

Minnie was more than a little peeved when Disney took her name and turned it into a mouse.

What made matters worse was that Minnie McDonald ran a fancy dress shop. 128 more words

Creative Writing

Flash Friday 28/11/2014: Provoke with Coke

Jeremy wasn’t sure if aliens were suited for sitting on the rough floor of a business┬áconference center. By the looks of their angry faces, they definitely preferred chairs. 1,009 more words

Flash Friday

"Angel with a Broken Wing" by Bob Hosko

My next door neighbor died today. She was a nice lady in her nineties who lived off a fixed income and outlived her husband. Her kids never came around anymore. 264 more words


The Bully

He was a vindictive child. He had always been a vindictive child. In the school yard, he bullied the other children. He called them hurtful names and pushed them to the ground. 120 more words


Flash Fiction: Creative Writing Prompt

I felt myself grow fainter with each passing day. Thomas no longer needed me. He had made friends of his own. Good friends. And I felt happy for him, even as the sense of loss clutched at my heart, slowly extinguishing the glowing light of past memories shared with my dear friend. 67 more words

Creative Writing Prompt