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Plot Challenge of the Week

Ich bin ein Mann! Du lesen mein… I have no idea what the German word for blog is. However, I’m learning a little, which will help out eventually. 440 more words

Writing Challenge

Flash! Friday--Vol 2 - 20

We are barreling through another year — today marks the last FF of April already. Is anyone other than me in total shock about this? Whether shocked or totally unfazed, you are, however, totally and absolutely welcome to this weekly writing contest. 280 more words

Flash Fiction

Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl

He sits me on his lap and he clutches my neck.

His fingers strum my ribs.

My body shivers and sings, spurred into life by his sorrow. 203 more words


Flash Fiction in the Big City

First Flood

It was going to be a long wait to get back home. The February rains had been just a little heavier than usual but were enough to trigger floods in this Arab city- a city that could counter heat and sand and poverty, but not rain. 309 more words

Weeks #13-15: The One That Got Away

13. Dialogue: “Do you think he crashed the car on purpose?”
14. Scenario: You’ve been ordered to kill someone you’ve fallen in love with. How did you get into this situation and what will you do next?

224 more words

Death waits for her

I see her laying there, the pain intense upon her pale face. The blue veins of her eyelids look bruised as her eyes flutter with agitation. 60 more words


Dear Diary

Dear Diary

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for a while now; I placed you at the bottom of my locker so my nosy side-mate wouldn’t read you. 322 more words