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Dreaming Spires

In walked a tall grey-haired man with a brown tweed suit with elbow patches.  Bicycles leaned up against the entrance and the smell of seafood chilling in ice baths greeted him as he turned down the first aisle.  1,510 more words

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Saturday Night Reader

I just wanted to show off the cover of Saturday Night Reader’s fall edition that will be available by the end of the week. Saturday Night Reader is a Canadian flash fiction magazine without any ads. 86 more words

Flash Fiction

Menjadi Aku

Aku berimaji menjadi kamu. Jika aku kamu, mungkin aku tak akan memakai kacamata hitam jelek ini. Aku akan membeli setiap buku yang ada di jajaran toko buku. 109 more words

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Another explosion shook him to his core, his bones and ears ringing with the force of it. He held on tight with blood slick hands, to a woman slipping away. 613 more words

Flash Fiction

Crazy (Flash Fiction)

Venessa  looked at herself in the reflection of the dirty mirror, frizzy brown hair in need of a good salon, watery blue eyes, bloodshot from too many sleepless nights and the blotched completion which came from a life too hard and fast. 27 more words



Having expectations is universal. Mothers expect their daughters to be cherished; a single man expects to find a partner; a partner expects more help with the children. 1,271 more words


Scene Challenge of the Week

Welcome to the middle of your week. I got 15 papers graded yesterday, several emails answered, 100ish pages read, a paper written, took my girlfriend out for dinner and ice cream (… well, technically I took her for dinner and then she took me for ice cream), and then watched part of an episode of the walking dead with her, did devotions with her, and spent some time talking. 249 more words

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