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Twenty Minutes on a Park Bench

You’ve never realized how much could really occur on a park bench in twenty minutes. How many mountains could be moved and seemingly unclimbable hills scaled in brown oxfords and long wool coats with upturned collars. 743 more words

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Sea the Shore - See the Seashore

We were walking down no-man’s land between the sea and the shore when you gave me the advice.

 My toes were cold and my long, abstractly painted skirt was blowing in the wind like a piece of modern art that everyone looks at but no one truly considers. 372 more words

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The Spirit of the Fields on Edgewater Drive

I had fallen asleep the night before watching Boogeyman, and when he woke me up with a shake to my hollow shoulder I came out of a nearly comatose sleep on the verge of screaming. 468 more words

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Glenn: Something was Lost in Translation between Memory and Remembering

Waking slowly from his dreamless sleep, the elderly man took a shallow breath. He felt his lungs working like the gears of an old clock, grinding in a time where clocks actually had gears. 504 more words

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Late - 1st August 2014 (23:59)

I’ve always found the concept of being late, much like, and quite rightly, the concept of time, relevant.

For example perhaps I did not hand my essay in late, but I handed my next one in early. 109 more words

Flash Fiction Update

Well Plaid, the next story in the Instruments of Piece collection, has been posted at Flash Fiction Magazine! Here is the story cover along with the blurb. 27 more words

Friday Fictioneer: The Plane Trip

At the curb, her husband kissed her good-bye and said, “Good luck.”

No matter how hard Cassie tried, the boys, eight and six, would not settle. 136 more words

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