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Flash Fiction Friday - Ceaseless Chasm

Last Week’s FFF: Time Wake

I wrapped my sweater tight around my body, shielded myself from the wind, which had been kicking up all morning. Anxiety rose in my chest as I waited. 1,051 more words


Flash Fiction Friday


If you’re going to watch fireworks
Alone, watch them from a distance
Those are the pangs, and the bangs
Muffled, in a hot night. 117 more words

46. Gary took the kid’s pawn

Gary took the kid’s pawn. “Your move”, he said nonchalantly. The kid thought for a while and moved his rook. “Ha!” the old man chortled. “You fell into my trap!” 226 more words

Flash Fiction

16Sunsets - Dead Coil

I rolled a 15 and a 19 for Chuck’s random title challenge. I did some quick googling to see if I could somehow abuse alternate meanings of Dead and Coil. 1,641 more words

Flash Fiction

45. She told me that I cannot seem to want to look at her eyes

She told me that I cannot seem to want to look at her eyes. She said it was surprising, considering how good I am at reading people and dialoguing. 286 more words



“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” he wheezed, as they peeled him from the rack and swung the rusty gibbet closed.



She saw it in her dreams. Only the stars provided life to the shadows that clung to its form. It was staring out over the lands like a king. 133 more words

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