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N for No...

I was going through my music library for inspirations and I’ve found 3 songs that are strangely connected albeit very different. I tried to connect them in a little story. 157 more words


The Birth of History - Friday Fictioneers

The Birth of History

Hector’s breath hissed through the ventilator and he surveyed the delivery room through the windows of his mask. All outside sounds were muffled, including the wail of his newborn son, lying in its mother’s arms. 70 more words


84. One, Two, Three, A-Kay-Forty-Seven

“One, two, three, A-Kay-forty-seven,” he says with a rhythm as he loads the rifle on the table and aims into the distance with the fluidity of running water. 277 more words

Creative Writing

Oh, Ellie ....

This is my 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers, based the prompt below – a photo by ©Douglas M MacIlroy. To read other contributions or to find out how to get involved, click… 123 more words

Wednesday Write-In #87

This week’s words for CAKE.shortandsweet’s Wednesday Write-In were:

fly in the ointment  ::  suspect  ::  fairytale  ::  green  ::  shame

Prime Suspect

‘So. You’re paying us another little visit, are you?’ Sergeant Grehan lowered himself into his creaking chair with a sticky exhalation of breath, shifting a pile of shedding paperwork as he waved vaguely at the seat opposite. 724 more words


Seasons Come, Accept Them by Gail Denham

It’s been Gail Denham’s delight to tell stories since childhood — later to write them. Poetry, essays, short stories, articles, newspaper stories and photos have filled up 35 years of waiting for the mail, with many encouragements that slipped through. 239 more words


November Narcissists: A to Z challenge Day#14

“Never date a Scorpio”, he said to the wide eyed girl in front of him.

But you are a Scorpio yourself…..

She was stopped mid-track, “That is precisely why I never thought of dating you before.” 229 more words