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Word Duel: Napkin Riot

The electricity had been out for a week. Now flames covered half the city and no one knew what happened to the fire department. Eddie ducked under an SUV as an angry mob carrying rags soaked in gasoline moved up the street. 347 more words


Flash Friday - "Molasses"

For this week’s Flash! Friday Challenge, were were given up to 160 words, the Depression-era photograph below, and told that we could strike gold if we wove the concept of “bankruptcy” into our story.  214 more words

Original Fiction


You’re good
Can’t call you out
but you sure made
certain that I’d
never get your
paperwork, well,
sweetheart let me
find out.

Still to this day I… 39 more words

Scraping By: Part 1 (Serial Flash Fiction)

I’m going to try something new: serial flash fiction. Basically, I have an idea that won’t fit into 1000 words, so I’m going to cheat and use as many words as I want in short increments.  567 more words

Flash Fiction

140.365 (9th sentence of Jean's 79-sentence autobiography)

Although I’ve just taken my first step, I’m already doing it wrong, not straight-and-narrow enough, so he fumbles at my soul, the revenant divinity, corrects my pigeon-toes with iron braces so I might walk the straight-and-narrow upright, stunning the nascent, twisted soul of my legs by degrees.


Friday Fictioneers - "Target"

To read Part One of the “Susan Dobbs Saga” I started through the Friday Fictioneers Challenge, click here:  Part One:  “Time’s Up.”   Below is our photo prompt for this week, along with the second installment of this continuing mini-series… 132 more words

Original Fiction

Sequel to "A Child Shall Lead Them" by Being MG

Marie Gail from Being MG challenged  us to write a 100-word sequel to her Friday Fictioneers contribution. I’m happy to join. The first 100 words are hers, the second 100 mine. 206 more words

Trying Something New