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88. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, November 27th, 5:00pm
Andrea (and Thomas)

Andrea sits at the window. Thomas takes a seat beside her.

Andrea: (batting eyelashes) Hi.

Thomas: Hey there, good lookin’ lady. 78 more words

Short Stories


One summer day in 2053 Heidi is seen lying on her hospital bed; after more than 27 years of visual impairment she is now looking forward to a new beginning. 479 more words


Another Casualty of Black Friday

When Boris arrived at home, he was greeted by Grace, rooted on the couch, surrounded by Black Friday fliers. “Where did you get all those?” he asked. 337 more words



Back on Earth, I often imagined how it must feel to fly. Not in aircraft or with jetwings, but… naturally. For my skeleton to be so light that a gust of wind could pick me up and throw me into the sky. 868 more words


My Diary

I noticed that the giant mouth I had to walk through to emerge from the aluminium stranded cocoon June considers our bedroom (and I consider a mini-submarine) had household electrical items for teeth; I was tempted to turn on the incisor television but in the end listened to a molar radio. 86 more words


Lost Years

The dark brown skin on the back of her hand lightened on the palm, over deep lines of age. Her fingers trembled, and this barely perceptible movement was humiliating, though she didn’t know why. 101 more words

Short Story


an explosion 

rocked the 

town …


windows shuddered from 

concussion …


a few or more


shattered  …


tree tops, snapped, 

fractured,  45 more words