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How to recover the lost space of your flash memory

Many of us find his/her flash is getting less space than the original space, this problem is popular among millions of people. Now I’m going to help yo solving this problem :) . 82 more words


Understanding Flash: Floating Gates and Wear

One of the important characteristics of flash memory is wear. We know from previous articles in this series that flash packages consist of dies… 2,281 more words


Understanding Flash: Unpredictable Write Performance

I’ve spent a lot of time in this blog series talking about the challenges involved in using flash, such as the way that pages have to be erased before they are written… 1,199 more words


Mtdutils command usage in MCIMX28EVK

We know that mtdutils are used to interact with flash memories. Here I am discussing about some mtdutils commands that I used in MCIMX28EVK

Successfully booted up from SD card and logged in.Then used the following mtdutils commands. 78 more words

Embedded Systems

Flash Memory Endurance Testing

has a project that writes a lot of settings to a PIC microcontroller’s Flash memory. Flash has limited read/erase cycles, and although the obvious problem can be mitigated with error correction codes, it’s a good idea to figure out how Flash fails before picking a certain ECC. 492 more words