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Pure Storage Raises $225 Million at a $3 Billion Valuation

Pure Storage, the company shaking up the enterprise storage market with a data storage array based solely on flash memory, has raised $225 million in a late-stage round of venture capital funding at pre-money valuation of more than $3 billion. 533 more words


How to Properly Deploy Flash: Webinar Preview – Podcast

Flash is more than just fast storage. Intel’s Andrew Flint and Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Colm Keegan joins us on The Storage Podcast to talk about how flash can fit into the data center if used correctly in the right situations. 18 more words


The Facts of Flash – Podcast

There are a lot of questions about Flash. Do I need it? Where should I put it? How do I use it? How much should I get? 31 more words

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The Ultimate Guide To Oracle with Advanced Format 4k

It’s a brave thing, calling something the “Ultimate Guide To …” as it can leave you open to criticism that it’s anything but. However, this topic – of how Oracle runs on… 236 more words


AnandTech | Testing SATA Express And Why We Need Faster SSDs

Even a PCIe 2.0 x2 link offers about a 40% increase in maximum throughput over SATA 6Gbps. Like most interfaces, PCIe 2.0 isn’t 100% efficient and based on our internal tests the bandwidth efficiency is around 78-79%, so in the real world you should expect to get ~780MB/s out of a PCIe 2.0 x2 link, but remember that SATA 6Gbps isn’t 100% either (around 515MB/s is the typical maximum we see).

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Micron and Crucial Introduce Next-Generation SSD for Personal Storage, Media and Entertainment Markets

New M550 SSD Offers Faster Performance, Longer Battery Life and High-Capacity Storage with Advanced Feature Set 

Key Messages:

  • Reaches 20 times higher performance[i] than conventional hard drives for lightning fast boot, file and application load times…
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Postcards from Storageland: Two Years Flash By

The start of March means I have been working at Violin Memory for exactly two years. This also corresponds to exactly two years of the… 981 more words