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Dipped in Blood


If I gave you a crown Would you wear it Or would you throw it into the gutter?

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All monsters are human


An elegy.

Flowers sprang from the field,
A child plucked one, plucked two,
plucked three, plucked four. Propped up in
A vase they watched,
As the child scribbled crayons over a book: 190 more words


Let's Talk About Egotastic! (Is It, In Fact, The 'Perfect' Website?)

By Shelton Bumgarner

As I keep saying, my lot in life is pretty dire. So dire, that I have to scrounge around for things to make life worth living. 408 more words


Things Are So Dire, Lily Allen Moving Her Hips In This Video Keeps Me Going

By Shelton Bumgarner

Things are pretty dire in my life right now.

Generally no one likes me and the one person who is my lifeline to the outside world — my sister has started to think I’m a fool. 265 more words


"Ineluctable You", flash poem, LHNBs, Vol23

Ineluctable you

Grasp my hand

Hold on tight

Summer’s memories

Yet will return

If not in fact

For you and I

Are weightless


Free from notions… 7 more words

Works In Progress

[Poetry] Words

There are people that can make anything they say sound beautiful without even trying. In a conversation with a friend, I admitted I was frustrated about how my poetry usually sounded so forced and clunky. 20 more words

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