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Don't Cast Your Stones

The world’s a little
out of line
but who are we
to judge?

Followers who wallow
in its muck
and never
rise above.


In the Stillness, poem from Left Handed Notebooks, Vol 23

In the stillness

The snow heart

Slipped off the roof

An angel’s missive

From the dead couple

Whose home yet remained

In a limbo of lawyers… 29 more words

Prose Poetry

For some,
Already it has been done.

Why are you still waiting?


The people on the screen stay the same,
The people in the emails say the same.

The people make you realise your lack of range, 27 more words



Here’s to you, sweet deluded Ones,
With your pseudo-friendliness and false smiles,
May all your journeys be as fruitful as the last,
Replete with self-praise and inflated opinion, 132 more words


The itch on my skin,
I can’t comprehend.
It’s an intolerable sin,
Please make it end.

I rip apart my skin,
A new beast arises. 31 more words


Thoughts On The Way To A Meeting

On the way there I got distracted
By the way the sun shone brightly illuminating the fields turning them
Greener than the envious shade.
The heat hovered just above the weeds ands the flowers, a yellow hue you could perceive effortlessly and I’d forgotten what I’d come here to do, until I saw you standing there, 60 more words