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Easier Said Than Done

What It Is:A line of wall art from Umbra. These stamped metal script words come with a set of tacks that make them easy to punch into the wall, anywhere that you might be needing a little extra inspiration. 138 more words

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Blackbird's Singing In The Dead Of Night

What It Is:A collection of jewellery by one of the top 10 designers in Toronto, Blackbird is a relatively new line developed by Regan Hayes and Vanessa Marino. 188 more words

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Poppy Fizz Click

What It Is:Poppy is a recent Kickstarter initiative that’s ‘made it’, as the folks might say. It’s a unique device that turns your iPhone into a 3D camera, creating larger-than-life images and ‘wiggle GIFs’ that allow you to feel like you’re viewing a moving, 3D image… 126 more words

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Trunk Show

What It Is:Spring cleaning means taking a hard look at some unlikely places for grime and mildew – like say, your dish rack that tends to collect water. 124 more words

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If you were not born as a natural leader, you may be familiar with the need of “getting in the mood” to lead a meeting, an event or any other kind of situation that requires your leadership skills. 180 more words


Glass Half Full

What It Is:Spring is still one of the moodier seasons here in Canada, and during those rainy (or ugh, snowy) days a good cup of tea can help lift your spirits. 130 more words

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Nutty Club

What It Is: For someone women (and men), it’s chocolate. For me, my ultimate comfort food is peanut butter. These days however, the options for getting your nutty fix are pretty endless. 164 more words

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