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Thinking about at 16..

how you drove me back and I sat shaking in the passenger seat convinced you were going to kill us both even though your hands were burning heavy limbed on the steering wheel and you wouldn’t let go even when I offered you my hand. 252 more words



You remember tripping up his steps in first time heels, seeing his shoes, battered red converse, before his face. He smiles a wolfish grin. You think it would hurt if he bit you. 1,204 more words



There’s a ladybird crawling on the stone. It makes the grey crumble like cliff stones tumbling down to the ground. Tammy said that the reason Ladybirds are colourful is so predators will think they don’t taste very nice. 277 more words



We wanted more and we wanted it sooner.

We didn’t want the dresses our mothers laid on our beds. We wanted spiked heels, heavy perfume, skirts that rode up and to enter the dodgy-looking sex shop in town. 503 more words


Dirty daylight

dirty daylight tries to creep through the window, the barman shuts the blinds tight, the moonlight slices on the floor disappear, the bar looks better in the dark when you can hardly see anything, and he buys me a drink, then another, and every new glass brings him an inch closer, his trousers have old stains on them I let him buy me another, his breath smells of dirt and of rot, another, his fat fingers drop to my knee, I go to the toilet, clutching at the wall, not looking in the mirror, his smile is a faded yellowish welcome, he strokes my hand, tells me I’m bleeding, he wraps my hand in a napkin, he licks away the flecks of blood on my wrist, tells me I taste like iron, 164 more words


When we were young

When we were young and all sisters together, we stole the neighbour hood dog. It was an old thing. We had to yank on its lead to get it to move faster before Mr Wallace could get up from his chair and catch us. 855 more words


Homeword Bound

I still hadn’t heard anything about you when they let me out of hospital.


Tony stood leaning against his car, a sad smile wrapped around his face, one hand full of pathetic flowers, the other one reached out towards me. 1,235 more words