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Droidventure - Cherry Mobile Blaze S180

When my younger brother (3/4) graduated, we got him a Blaze as a gift. At the time, cost-to-spec wise, it was among those with the best value. 318 more words


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Darkness Series – No. 3

No. 2

No. 1

Original Photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mavadam/3480359060

Text & Adaption : Helen Midgley

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Harold Edgerton: The man who froze time

Harold Edgerton invented the electronic flash

Edgerton’s iconic images would be difficult enough to create today, even with computers on hand to open and close the shutter and fire the flash.

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Clockworks Parking

Let us introduce a new 2 players game when it comes to driving cars and parking them onto the right spot. Featuring 12 super fancy, futuristic and quite challenging parking missions, the objective of this 2 players parking game is to drive the car onto the right parking spot. 6 more words


Digital Clash Arena

Meanwhile into the future, deep into space, the Digital Clash Arena is created with hopes to gather and challenge the most skilled spaceship shooters out there. 23 more words


Flying High

Both the pilot and copilot had taken ill. The doctor deemed it food poisoning. Ted looked out the window at the earth below, wondering if he could get the plane back on the ground. 143 more words

Flash Fiction

Whistle Phone Finder - A New App to Help You Find Your Phone

There are Apps for just about every purpose – from games to productivity to educational…and then some are just plain simple and helpful.  Take that flashlight app that turns your smartphone’s LED flash into a flashlight to guide your way in the dark – such a simple idea, yet it is so practical.  472 more words