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TV thoughts 11-27-2014

Sleepy Hollow seems a bit down this year. It has not been terrible or anything. I just think think it should be a little better. Maybe with the Flash and Constantine starting this year, I just lost a bit of interest in Sleepy Hollow. 104 more words


Flash Recap: Power Outage

We start the episode with a 10 month flashback instead of Barry narrating.

I wonder if that crazy kid on the power lines will end up becoming a metahuman. 3,172 more words


Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all my friends, family, and followers of The Superior Blog, I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Snippet of Jack and The Unforgettable King and Queen

One decorated lemon-wood sole horizontally flush from heel to toe on the cobbled pavement, a precisely woven and tucked hem floats over the pointed black-snakeskin pickers’ lace, the twin sole vertically aligned and stuck to the brick indents of the wall behind him, the iron-creased trouser fold stretching from ankle to pocket, the left side torso of the jacket folded back behind the arm that is connected to the hand slid within and hovering in the silken lining of the empty pocket,  a solitary ectoplasm of paisley-patterned handkerchief creeping from the pectoral pouch, a tucked facial-haired chin rests on the Windsor-knotted purple tie that’s embedded between the symmetrical white shirt collar folds, thin lips dry and motionless whilst dark shadows cover the rest of the face with the exception of a dark silhouetted nose camouflaged from the streetlight that his Burberry fedora is denying. 372 more words


Manual Flash

I have been very busy this week but I had fun tonight playing with manual flash. I have mostly used TTL flash with my portraits so this was something new for me, fortunately it turned out fairly well I think. 29 more words


10 Technological Woes in Indonesia

I’ve been living in Jakarta now for five years, and I wrote the following 10 technology rants three years ago and found most of them to be still relevant today.

1,029 more words