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Flashback Fridays: The Music of the Spheres . . .

You’re a young man growing up in a world where people have the ability to attract and keep musical floating orbs called heynim.  Ever since you were a boy you’ve stuck up for your friend Caidy, a girl with many talents and struggles who is terribly misunderstood.   866 more words

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Flashback Friday

Flashback to my teen years when I crocheted this Tanooki Mario pillow cover in basic acrylic yarn for a friend’s Christmas gift.

P.S. If you think it’s cool enough for you want to make one of your own, I made a chart!

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Flashback Friday | Our Very First Picture {circa 2008}

Sorry about the grainy quality in advance. I found this gem on Mark’s myspace profile a while back and I thought I would share it with the world in celebration of mine and Mark’s 4.5 year anniversary. 130 more words


Flashback Friday: Summer Vacations

This morning I was going through old pictures, trying to find a nice summer time photo from my youth.  I ran across this one and my first thought was, “I LOVED that green, blue, and white stripped shirt!”  My second thought was, “Best vacation… 470 more words

Flashback Fridays

Snipped threads



This post originally appeared on October 13, 2011

Dear Threads magazine,

Just because you can sew, doesn’t mean you should. I’m not sure why you chose to feature a baby-shit green and eggplant trimmed blouse and a matching pair of Z. 103 more words

Flashback Fridays

Flashback Fridays 1st edition: 2006 Season

With the Predators only one win away from a Division Championship I thought it would be interesting to go back to the last time they won the South Division. 217 more words


Flashback Fridays: My Favourite Anime

It’s been awhile! But I’m back after finishing exams (and passing everything!!) and sleeping in for a while- I finally decided to update my blog ~ 1,479 more words