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The Flash Back Series- Approaching Investors

I was now able to start approaching investors with the certificate of incorporation in hand. A registered company made me look more serious and legitimate  than approaching them as an individual. 331 more words

Flashback Series

The FlashBack Series- The Registration

After I asked for my father’s help we went to the lawyer to start the process of registering the  business.   I first needed to register with the Kenya Revenue Authority  to get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be a shareholder of the company. 280 more words

Flashback Series

The Flash Back Series- Personal Reasons

The business was so  important to me because I had never finished anything in my life. Not to sound  arrogant but, I have always been good at everything I have ever tried out- well, except signing but ummm let’s move on. 261 more words

Flashback Series