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We're Doing Good!

It was hard waking up this morning, but I was happy to be up at 0500 to go see “my 0600 crew” at the box! 576 more words


Confessions of a Clearance Shopper

In light of the fact that I have spent the past three days scouring post-holiday clearance sales I thought it was a good time to revisit an old post I wrote several years ago. 1,715 more words

For Fun

Flashback Friday: Pine Trees and Redskins


It was only the beginning of yet another hot and humid Texas summer down in the Rio Grand Valley (not complaining) during the year of our Lord 2003. 1,317 more words

Odiseas Y Ambages

Flashback Friday: Pine Trees and Redskins (The Not So Epic Ending)


My apologies for the unnecessary but inevitable 2-Fridays delay. As most of you discovered through my online Twitter and Facebook updates, the always groggy and fatiguing flu attacked me relentlessly to the point of being unable to write or process thoughts clearly enough to finish off this entry. 867 more words

Odiseas Y Ambages

The notebook..

My diary.
My plan is to type exactly what is written in my diary, and afterwards explain, or even possibly decode what I am talking about. 348 more words


October 1st 1998

Fine, fine, I’ll keep posting these. I mean, nobody can seem them-they stay on my computer-but I’m just going to pretend I’m still in a time where I can put up a blogpost without the sweet horrible tones of dial-up/nobody without a level 5 clearance can read what I write. 425 more words