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Flat Hunting: His Granddad's Grandson

We are looking for a new flat at the moment.  We did have plans to build our own house, but thanks to the interminable bureaucracy that is the Brazilian government we have had to put these plans on hold for a while. 387 more words

Family Life

We're Moving!

No no not out of the country (Pais Vasco) and probably realistically only down the road but I am SOOOOO excited to be finding somewhere we have chosen together and starting fresh on the same page! 158 more words

Moving to Madrid: Anxieties

Even though I have known for quite a while now that I will be moving to Madrid on Wednesday, I suddenly had the realisation today that I am moving to Madrid. 563 more words


Talking about Depression 'The Other Side of the Coin' event and our first flat viewing


A copy of Lizzie’s tweet, this made me very proud of myself! 


After last nights attempt at a video to try and get used to talking to people about depression in a more formal and informative way you’d think I would have been a little less nervous about today. 835 more words

Moving On and Moving In

First things first, I think it’s pretty impressive, and very typical of us, that we have managed to mess up our Wednesday/Sunday update rule on the very first day. 525 more words

Turkishly Delightful

Searching for a flat in Istanbul, as a foreigner who knows neither the city or the language, is like reading through a telephone directory in the hope of finding a person whose surname you’ve forgotten. 952 more words