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"Voilà mon passeport"

Foux de Fafa by Flight Of The Conchords

First off the mark at border control on arrival, first to cross the line at check-in on departure, this lyric bookended my recent trip to Paris nicely and leads inevitably to the très catchy “ba ba ba-ba bow!”. 446 more words

Year Abroad

"It's not a long holiday. It's a short life."

This title is perhaps the most precise summary of the year abroad that I have written so far. Which is a shame, because they aren’t actually my words. 1,143 more words

First Friday letters of 2015

I’m finally getting round to writing my first Friday letters of the year and I realise I actually have very little to say! It hasn’t been the most eventful of weeks. 120 more words


Scotland coming

Further on from my life plans: I had a really good interview with The Welcome People, to be a Welcome Ambassador for Cambridge ->  419 more words

Flat hunting can be dangerous...!

Last night my best friend and I went flat hunting. At the moment we live just outside of London and the commute is unbearable some days. 612 more words


Happy New Year: Flat Dating in the City

And so I find myself in 2015. 27 years old, single, pretty lonely, suffering mild anxiety, and facing a tax bill and a flat move that will, most probably, leave me financially crippled for the best part of the next six months. 805 more words

Flat Hunting