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I almost moved to Liverpool...

Aah-right, calm down, calm down … My stay with Saint Pete isn’t over. I mean I nearly moved into an apartment above a bar called Liverpool. 953 more words


So you’re room hunting in London…

Maybe you are moving here for work and you’re looking for a flatshare, or maybe you are flat hunting again because your house (or your housemates, possibly both) stink. 804 more words


I Have a Place to Live! (AKA: Sorting My Life Out)

Hi, everyone! Fantastic news, as you can tell by the title: I am no longer struggling to find a flat in London! I officially moved into a lovely 2 floor apartment inside an apartment complex today, and I’m living with three other women! 839 more words


Looking for a home urgently in #ealing #thegreatescape

Well, we made it to London, somehow. The van appears to be slowly dieing though; to add to zero heater we’ve more drafts than a F1 wind tunnel, a side door that no longer opens, electrical issues that… 384 more words


Finding a Place to Live Part I: The Search

There are hundreds of blog posts about finding accommodation in London, because this subject is a beast.

I’ve read a lot of them, I’ve taken notes, I’ve studied them until I knew most off by heart and I still had to learn from my own mistakes and experiences. 1,415 more words


My new apartment...

…was very nearly this one.

Now the more refined and/or less broad-minded amongst you may be aghast when seeing this picture, and I’ll admit that when I first walked into the place my immediate reaction was “ohmygod, no.” 436 more words


The Parisian Accommodation Cauchemar Part 1

One of the reasons that it took me such a long time to get around to writing this blog is that it took me just such a bloody long time to find somewhere to write it. 1,089 more words