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Flat hunting is boring

Hola, Nat

For a minute there I wanted to title this post ‘Working is hard‘, but we both know that already so I went for the second biggest thing happening in my life right now: Apartment hunting. 270 more words

Vero's Letters

House viewings - why it's all bullshit

I’m moving house in exactly six days.


There’s paperwork to do, boxes to pack, contacts to sign, cleaning, organising, phone calls, emails, faxes,  more packing, faxes, faxes, faxes, keys to swap, credit checks to complete, moving men, driving, unloading of vans, more panic – and hopefully some very strong sleeping pills and a large glass of wine once the whole nightmare is over. 935 more words


Three's a crowd, six is a freak show

Walking past local curry house The Cardamon Club in Tooting we notice a poster in the window. It’s a flat, so naturally, eyes peeled we investigate further. 416 more words


Update: football and the unemployed

Flat hunting tomorrow, after my leafletting shift, then off to a job interview/chat thing. 

There seems a pressure to be ‘casual’ – but I have to get the casual balance right. 79 more words


Markets and Mushrooms

Since moving back to London I’ve been staying with my sister who is renting a room, smack bang in the middle of covent garden! Covent Garden..sounds fancy right? 641 more words


Study Abroad in Paris: Finding Accommodation

When I started this blog I promised a number of posts about studying abroad in Paris, so without further ado here’s one of them – finding and then securing accommodation! 1,094 more words


Moving on

We’re moving. Not countries this time but 45 minutes into ‘town’. It makes everything seem a bit more permanent which is…well on the one hand surprisingly not weird, and on the other, a cue for a panic attack. 474 more words