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Quick update from Angers

I’ve been here a few days and I’m pretty sick. I can’t eat anything. I haven’t eaten anything out of the ordinary but I keep puking up a lot. 188 more words


In which I attempt to be an accommodation oracle

I’m in my new room! I’ve been in Bologna 15 days, and as my previous post explained, much of that time was spent searching for a place I could call my own for the next 6 months. 838 more words


Becoming a Londoner

Life update: Since leaving Lancaster just over a week ago I have visited Em in Shrewsbury and lounged around on her couch all day every day whilst she was a busy working bee. 540 more words


"Flat hunting" in Ealing

I proudly announce that I’ve gone through the process of finding a flat in London and am still alive, sane and not broke :-)

After my boyfriend already called various former landlords and visited some flats before I got here, we made good use of a cloudy (so non-skydiving) Saturday and went from agency to agency to see what they have. 392 more words

Moving: What An Adventure!

Packing, flat hunting, travelling, packing, visiting that cake shop for the last time, farewells, packing, contracting a van, flat viewings, walking that path for the last time, cleaning, more farewells, more packing… Moving can be exhausting¬†and highly stressful,¬†nonetheless it can become a really exciting time! 504 more words


Flat hunting in Spain

I got on a plane to Spain on Wednesday, seeing it as the start to my exciting year abroad, under the impression that I would arrive, spend the next few days looking round lots of flats, choose my favourite, sign a contract and move in. 537 more words

A short interlude...

It’s over a week since my last blog post for various reasons, including one rather icky illness. I can honestly say I’ve never been that ill, excluding chest infections, for 18 years. 668 more words