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Flat Stomachs - More Than Just Vanity

It’s never too late to try again! Flat & strong tummys are not just for vanity but will help improve posture, stability, digestion and general health. 1,121 more words


How to Drop that Belly Fat and See Those Abs

This video is one of the first video’s I shot but the info is essential to being successful in seeing those abs, so I thought we would do a throw back today :) I hope you find these tips useful and please feel free share them with friends and family.   30 more words

Phil Despain

Bank Hol Belly Blast Workout Video

I hope everyone’s been having a lovely weekend. I have really been trying to get back on track with my workouts, whether it be an hours class or 5 minute ab blast I always feel fantastic after. 137 more words


Tested, Proved and Certified Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat




Pretty dead sure in my mental network is the fact that the human being looking at this article, or reading it or probably wondering what it’s all about, must have or probably had an encounter with stubborn fat or other pieces of flesh around his entire anatomy that drove him/her up the wall anytime the thought of it flashed the mind or eyes made contact with it. 1,505 more words

Flat Tummy

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat And Have A Flat Tummy In Minutes!

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, quite frankly it is actually possible to get rid of belly fat and have a flatter tummy in minutes. 443 more words

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Who said six packs or flat tummy is for the chosen few ? NO !! You too can get a flat tummy or abs only if you are wiling. 169 more words


Tips to get flat tummy like celebs

Struggling to keep your wayward waist in check? Follow these five tips to get a flat tummy like Deepika Padukone

A recent study found the average woman’s waist has increased by seven inches since the 1950s — from a toned 27 to a solid 34. 578 more words

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