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Body shaming - Beans

Body shaming is a really popular topic right now. It’s that whole, “the girl in the picture doesn’t even look like the girl in the picture” concept. 389 more words

Belle Detox Lemon

Belle Detox Lemon Effects on Health
✅ Promote human digestive system
✅ Improve body metabolism
✅ Soften stool, promote gastrointestinal motility
✅ Promote intestinal bacteria multiply… 124 more words

Reshape for The Holidays

Reshape for The Holidays!!!

ReShape utilizes unilarge subdermal energy, a cutting edge radiofrequency technology that penetrates deep into the inner layer of the skin resulting in tightening of thskin and sculpting and contouring of the body. 30 more words

Three easy flat tummy exercises for you

Want that enviable washboard ab? Practicing these moves regularly will help you 217 more words


Daily Health Tips: Cyesis, Swollen Legs, Shark Teeth Et Al

Q: Good day, ma’am. Please what is early cyesis in pregnancy?
A: Cyesis is medical lingo for pregnancy. So, early cyesis is Early Pregnancy :D… 407 more words

Want Flat tummy? : Now you got it!!

Tips For Those Wanting A Flat Stomach:

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Especially
since tight dresses and crop tops are taking the
fashion world by storm again. 253 more words