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शहद सेवन करने के नियम

शहद कभी खराब नहीं होता . यह पका पकाया भोजन है और तुरंत ऊर्जा देने वाला है |

शहद लेते समय कुछ सावधानियां बरतनी चाहिए | 24 more words

6 Week Six-Pack Abs

Spring is here which means only one thing, summer is right around the corner. If your body (especially that tummy) is not quite ready for bathing suit season then you might  be feeling a little like this about showing some skin: 242 more words


River's Mommy Makeover - 1

Guest blogger week continues with a new post from “River”. She is a friend I met through a friend in Omaha because we both have older kids and younger twins. 553 more words

Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy Tips

Came across this and thought I would post it. It’s meant to inspire me, but hopefully someone else might find it useful too?

Tummy Tuck Work Outs

Want a flat tight tummy? Cardio will need to become your new best friend, but the correct cardio is key.




Yes Piloxing is a REAL THING, not some fun sounding word I made up off the top of my head. Piloxing is a new-ish phenomenon incorporating Pilates, Boxing & Dance. 727 more words