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Progress Report: Flatting Sucks

Flatting sucks!! Well that’s not entirely true , but it is an extremely tedious process. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about. Flatting is the process of laying down the base colors underneath the line art, I’m using the Lasso tool to outline each shape in photoshop and coloring them accordingly. 262 more words


I Fucking Love Pasta

My body, or self, has a cunning way of getting me to eat the things I seem to live my life trying to avoid.

I live with pasta, bread and carb loving friends. 462 more words

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” ― Coco Chanel

In every little girl’s life there comes a time when she realises, as much as she willed it not to happen, it has. She has turned into her mother. 935 more words


Feeling so fresh and so clean clean

On a different front, I have taken moving into a shared flat again a bit more seriously.  I sat down last week and said to myself “ 720 more words


Naming flats

From the “Bach” of the 1930s to “Gran’s Place” of the 2010s, Otago students have developed quite a tradition of naming their flats. For the past ten years or so, Sarah Gallagher has been recording and researching this phenomenon, and has a book about it planned. 722 more words


Week 5 Friday

Worked on and finished my powerpoint presentation on Real Time Strategy games.


Completed my flatting, colouring and shading assignment.

Who wants to be told they look skinny in the hospital after giving birth?

I got the trick! Belly Bandits! It totally worked!

I ordered my Belly Bandits about a month before my due date. They give instructions on the website for how to measure in your 8th or 9th month to determine what size you will need.  197 more words