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Two Reasons Why I Miss Home

1. High-school friends.

I know for the majority of people, high-school friends are people are not take a big place in their adult lives.  But being away from home, and living with different people, only makes me miss my friends even more.   104 more words

Daily Post

Moving in, moving on

And I dive back into student life. Well… not me exactly, but it seems like it. I moved into my new flat and most of the people here are either students, or have just gratuated. 188 more words

South Island

The Wall of White Paint

The wall of white paint surrounds me

Pictures of lighthouses and beaches don’t help

The TV and stereo are yawning

The ashtray is flooding,

As the murmurs and shouts of my flatmates… 113 more words


Moving away and coming back again...

So like I’ve said previously, I have moved out of my parents home, into a flat of my own, only two hours away.

And it’s been a great decision and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in the past 9 months. 430 more words

A Memory You Want To Keep

Last night a TV ad came on telly asking if your “smokes” were important than your best-friend, so I turned to Pip and asked, to which she replied yes.   250 more words

Daily Post

Many answers to many questions, in one hit. Not one for the easily offended, mind. (Disclaimer)

Six months. 6 months. It was six months ago today that I landed in New Zealand. Driving from the airport to the hostel that was to be my home for the first few nights here, the memories, the scenery that I remembered, it was all six months ago. 1,146 more words

How to find a room or flat in London

I don’t envy anyone flat hunting in London, it can be a bit of a nightmare. But, whether you’re looking for a room or a whole flat, these tips might make it a bit easier. 832 more words