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Summer Coolers

Summer Coolers

Ice water is refreshing, but sometimes you just want a little flavor in your glass.

Don’t these look refreshing?  And they are so simple.  296 more words

Why do You Walk? Here are the Answers!

Yesterday concluded our last “Walk it Off Wednesday” of the summer! These past three weeks we asked, “Why do you walk?” We received some really good answers… some completely honest, some humorous, and some profound. 7 more words

Healthy Life

Water, Agua, Eau, das Wasser

How important is water to the human body? Well… so glad you asked!

1. Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids. Your body is composed of about 60% water. 361 more words

Healthy Eating & Recipes

DoTerra Oils pt. 2

In the last week I have tried two new ideas with Doterra’s Lemon Oil.
I wanted to make sure I had enough to get accurate results! 331 more words

Why You Should Get A Flavor Infuser Water Bottle  

Left and right, you will find several gadgets that are not only innovative, but also amazingly useful for household use. From French press to coffee makers, these household gadgets, have certainly made life a lot easier and convenient. 171 more words

Home Improvement Tips

Homemade Mint Tea

One of my favorite drinks in the winter months (aside from coffee ) is tea. I have a drawer full of different types of tea: green tea, black tea, fasting tea, immune support, red raspberry leaf, chai- the list goes on! 432 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Fruit flavored waters

Well. .. I’ve done fruit flavored water in the past but never in a mason jar which I read is healthier and you can taste the flavor better and there is no bpa. 103 more words