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How to: LOVE H2O

Water, one of my favorite things on the planet! We all need it, everyday, yet many of us find it difficult to get your minimum of “8 cups of water a day.” But the truth is, after reading this post, you will develop a new found love affair with the most abundant resource on earth! 1,933 more words


Infused Water Goodness!

Hi Luvlies!

I am really trying to monitor the sugars that I consume, and me and sugary drinks have a steamy love affair! Lol! But seriously, I love juices, not so much soda… 138 more words

Vegetable Beverages Hitting Mainstream

Would you drink a cucumber lime-flavored Gatorade?  How about blueberry mint-flavored water?  An article on Beverage Industry on emerging beverage trends claim that vegetable-flavored beverages are increasingly popular because of their “healthy halo” (article link… 516 more words

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Strawberry Ice Cream flavored water by Loka

When I arrived at the airport I was thristy and hungry. So I went to the (one and only) shop at the Stockholm Skavsta airport to buy a drink at something to eat. 95 more words