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Day 6

Morning weight: 218
Calories consumed: 486

Started off the morning a little disappointed. Only down one pound from yesterday. I’m wondering if my workout yesterday had anything to do with it. 233 more words


First step to health...

Drink more water! Add fruit, herbs, whatever you need to get yourself to drink it.


Flavoring Your Drinking Water

I wrote earlier about the cost of drinking bottled water, but tap water can be drab. Even though you need water to live, it is admittedly not everyone’s first pick when they are thirsty and looking for a refreshing drink. 691 more words

Personal Finance

Water, With a Cucumber Please.

H2O, possibly the most important fluid your body needs. Water promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, increases energy, improves your skins complexion, lubricates your joints, prevents cramps, and has many many more benefits. 39 more words

How To Make Healthy Flavored Waters

Sometimes plain old water just doesn’t cut it. The thirst-quenching solution? Fruit-infused H2O! Infused waters are easy to make, nutritious, and refreshing. Simply use any fresh fruit herbs, and spices to turn your once plain water into a refreshing, flavored drink. 284 more words


I’ll make this short and sweet. This really wasn’t what I wanted, but for less that six bucks, this was the best that I could do! 80 more words

Consulting 101: Flavor Infused Water

You’ve finally made it. You’ve hit consulting puberty and you’re finally a consultant. How do I know, you ask? Because you have an opinion about your favorite flavor infused water. 93 more words

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