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I admit my flaws!

Negative emotions are feelings everyone is susceptible to and it’s how we handle them that’s important. Some people handle them better than others. So right now, I’m thinking something along the lines of: “Maybe pointing out these flaws will make it easier to accept them and allow me to start feeling comfortable being me.” 376 more words


the Bill Cosby dillema

I think we’re all guilty of it to a degree…I think. The reason we are having such a hard time believing the allegations against Bill Cosby is because we can’t reconcile what we’re hearing from these women with Dr Huxtable. 759 more words




Oxygen breathing
Red blood bleeding
Salted tear crying
Old age dying



beyond the surface

her skin was flawed,
she saw that when she looked in the mirror.
acne marked her face,
her thighs full of cellulite,
her boobs weren’t the same size, 104 more words

Drowning In My Thoughts

Why am I over here about to drown in my own thoughts? Why am I on the other side of the mirror seeing every single flaw and imperfection? 166 more words

To You ,From Me


I want you to know you’re youer than you and that is truer than true and that’s clicher than cliche but that’s righter than rain because cliche’s have something in them worth repeating over and over again. 446 more words

Love Ain't All That...

Some people claim that love is perfect.

Others claim it is divine.

They always try to hide their defect

in some way their love won’t find. 69 more words