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Pardon me, but your flaws are showing!

I just want to get this out in the open: I am not a perfect mom.

Phew! I feel so much better having said that (typed that?) out loud. 1,001 more words



So you walk into the conversation realm. So many silhouettes, it scares you but to be fair they are rather creepy. There are a few people you can make out very clearly, you know them, they are your friends. 108 more words

eject, the story of a mixtape.

A poem from 11/8/11

source codes and languages in secret,
she evokes regrets, she plants her pride but rarely waters it
detects lies, she sells them her best side, 240 more words


Scalpel and Herringbone 3.

It was too much to cut ties,
So I burnt bridges.
I stained my own lips with words you hate.
We stopped taking a stand on soft ground. 200 more words

Self Growth

Are You (s)Mothering Your Characters? A Quick Checklist

I just finished a scene for book 2 of my Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy. The scene ended with an emotional moment. I was tired and walked away before I’d completely polished it off, figuring I’d do that this morning. 1,269 more words


Today's Reflections

My day hasn’t been busy at all, just a few things here and there. But as I sat trying on shoes I ordered this afternoon, I was flooded with thoughts based on some stuff that’s happened during my day so far that I had to share. 155 more words

Think Of It As Shapes

So as an Art minor, each semester regardless of what class it is we have to create a self portrait. For one thing: I hate looking at myself. 125 more words