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Forensic Flaws

Things are easiest to study when they are in the past. “Hindsight is 20/20″, so they say (whoever “they” are). And I am here wondering why we work so hard with figuring out who is to blame for what and why things happened the way they did. 526 more words

Body Peace 101: Learning to Love Yourself

Hello Muffins, Happy Thursday!
I know I usually don’t post on a Thursday (I might I’m not sure) but I know for sure that I typically don’t post in the evening but I’ve been wanting to address an issue, one that I’ve dealt with personally and I know that others have dealt with it as well, I’m sure everyone has dealt with this issue and I know that many people can relate to what I am about to talk about. 1,161 more words


The Velveteen Rabbit is one of my all time favorite children’s books. I have so many fond memories reading it to my children. The message though, is one that I think can be for all of us. 294 more words


On perfection

There’s this thing, and it keeps coming up, and it’s kind of a problem. It affects us all, and is expected of us all, at various points of our lives, despite it being virtually unobtainable. 618 more words


Two Sides of Me

On one hand I am guarded,
I don’t let many in,
I trust very few people,
To see me beyond my skin.

But I have another side to me, 44 more words



When you look in the mirror,
what do you see?
Do you see your true beauty?
Do you see You like me?

Do you see yourself larger, 65 more words



If I were a sum of my flaws

I’d be a painting

With faded red paint splatters

On my skin


I’d be the bump

On a once smooth line… 142 more words