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Forgive Me

I am not perfect

far from that

i have flaws

Can you believe it?

The preacher’s kid,

the “syncereangel,”

The “good girl”

Can be quite interesting… 256 more words

College and the anxious girl

I just discovered that I might fail two exams,not because I haven’t study,is because I skipped the classes and the professors might not allow me to take the exam even if I studied. 402 more words

State Of Mind

OK Listen

Mistakes (and their benefits)

Sure making mistakes sucks. Universally making mistakes is looked at as a bad thing. I however, disagree. I think that making a mistake can quite possibly be the best thing you’ll do with your life. 322 more words


On a soapbox ...

Why do grown adults make fun of people? I just don’t get it. We aren’t in 1st grade people! If someone has a character flaw or oddity, handle it maturely. 104 more words

Life's Little Lessons

The Invisible Man

This is a poem written by one of my closest friends and it is based on a true story. This friend is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. 172 more words

Us As Humans



We still got like 10 more minutes till ICT ends so I thought I might use it to do something useful for a change. 370 more words