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My Cat Has Fleas: Earth-Friendly Solutions

Her situation is so bad she has even tried tearing her fur out to get some relief. I won’t use the bee-killing flea meds. Yes, they work. 1,072 more words


Keep your Pet Safe this Summer

For many of us pet lovers, our pets become true members of our family. It’s nice to have them around us in the summer when the weather is nice, however, summer does bring with it some safety concerns for pets. 419 more words

Mosquito Squad

Heartworm and Flea Mediaction


  These are very important to take care of before they become a problem.  Because if they do it can sometimes become very fatal, very quick.   172 more words

What do you do when the fleas are in your yard and inside your Columbia home also?

Fleas in your yard are a big concern and need to be dealt with, but what about when pets and children bring those pests inside the home and fleas start breeding on dog beds, in your carpet, or in other areas inside where you live? 474 more words

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