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And here I am always slipping in and out of your embrace

Just like your always slipping in and out of my dreams

Close and yet so far… 97 more words


again and again

people get through the day..

however they do, and we see them like a character in a movie..

they arn’t real to us, they are figments. 92 more words

Pen The Final Page

And then it happened,
In the midst of our silence,
Slipping from my grip,
I opened my eyes,
The love we have is fleeting,
Pen the final page.


Sunday Scribble No 15


this that you hold so precious today
might move on tomorrow and be on its way…
you come together for a while, put the kettle on and smile… 41 more words


Feast of Saint Stanislaus (11 April 2014)

We come this weekend to Palm Sunday, and in our spiritual life, we remember the things that happened in that last weekend of the life of Jesus before his sufferings and death. 587 more words

Daily Messages

Calm before the storm

Another flashback, this time, about the day before the last post (‘The reason I’m here’).

After weeks of tiredness and hopelessness, today I had energy, I could actually get thing s done! 388 more words

From LA to NY

Life is fleeting. Love is fleeting. Moments are fleeting.

We are all merely fleeting, really… Time fliiiiiiies.

It is only upon a time of cease that we often realize the incredibleness of the moments we were once in. 746 more words