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I look down the street

Not knowing where to go;

I do not know who to ask or greet,

Among the faceless dozens that pass by. 77 more words


Sunday morning bliss. A relaxed morning listening to music after breakfast at the local diner. It has been a really good week. A week of celebration, of Anjali turning 4. 497 more words


I spent a delightful Friday afternoon recently with my cousin, in her living room. She had her bottle of white, I had my bottle of red, and the coffee table was spread with snacks/finger food/munchies. 1,065 more words

Summer To Me

Summer, to me, is sweet, delicious watermelon as a cool treat in the heat of the afternoon.

Summer, to me, is ripe juicy peaches dribbling their sweet juice down my chin and all over my fingers. 200 more words

If nothing can make me happy, how can "I" make myself happy?

If nothing can make me happy, how can “I” make myself happy? No object outside of me is ever going to make me happy/peaceful/whole/complete. Anything that I can observe is not going to make me happy. 119 more words


Beauty, but an illusion,

A powerful poison,

Meticulous confusion.




That Fleeting Moment

I know that you’re still
from the storms
that made you cry.
You know I hate to see you
shed tears
over their lies. 171 more words

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