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Your Darling, The Human

Remembering that he is human, during your collapse
You perform acrobatic mental maths,
Run diagnostic tests, to ascertain the appropriate degree
To which you should lean on him… 198 more words


Wanting what we all want!

I m sucked into the void. The void of loneliness. The one that comes with age. U gaily get our of college to get a job and make money. 472 more words


As she says goodnight

As she slid from the main room
Through the open old oak door
Into the back of the house
His eyes immediately caught her
And traced the love-lines of her life… 73 more words


The One True Power

Life passes in dizzying spins;

Cause and effect, every moment counts,

A fleeting thought, a rash word, a small blunder.

We are Human, you and I, though we may not act it, 310 more words


Why Ephemeral?





lasting for a very short time;

short-lived; transitory

The first time I saw this word I think I was in my second year of college. 536 more words


For love...

For love
stands tall
through the
ups and downs
it holds the ground
when everything
falls apart.
But it was
so weak
so fleeting… 114 more words


“And still, looking at the beginning of my third novel—would I ever get the hang of this?—the question mocked me: how do you just get time to go by?” 15 more words