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As quickly as it came
It goes
The joy it brought
So quickly taken away

A feast invited to
Just as soon as I consent… 38 more words


Time's Soft Flesh (Cavatina)

This fragile moment’s liquid crystal   
as brief as spears   
of lightning piercing midnight’s sweaty flank   
or bureaucrat’s tears   

It shatters into vague impressions –   
I cling to them    314 more words

Mini Moments Ho!

It’s a brand new segment! Well, it’s not that new, since I’ve been thinking about creating this segment for about a year. The new part is valid, though,  because I’m actually doing it. 133 more words


Large footprints

Tracking through the snow-

A fleeting


Of where you’ve been recently

Captured for a moment

©AC Elliott & File Cabinet Ramblings, 2014


For Friday

Dear Friday,

Where did you go?
You slipped away before
I knew what was happening.

Friday, this poem is for you.
I was productive during your time. 151 more words



Twinkling solstice stars
flicker across sky, fleeting
Christmas memories