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A Fleeting Thought

I soon forgot the weight of the words that went unspoken -
the meaning behind a fleeting thought.
I heard the sound of a fragile notion - 174 more words



Butterfly at the window
Stop and rest your wings
Delicate and beautiful
Still for a while
Sat inside
Trapped within
I envy your flight
Reach out to you… 18 more words


August 19, 2014

Glorious summer
Grabbing on and holding tight
Sensing Fall is near


She's done!

Time can really make you her bitch without warning.
I find hard sometimes to realize that it has been a year and a half from when I first started… 28 more words

General Updates

Gray Hair and Wrinkles

I believe that every new gray hair and wrinkle are gifts to remind me that life is fleeting, and in that impermanence, precious.

With Love,

My Beliefs

Difficult Description

I’ve started to write fiction once again and this time, I’ve focused on trying to describe characters, settings, and action in terms of words. It’s a difficult exercise since I have to be precise with my words to avoid confusion with the reader. 355 more words


week 303 ~ slip the noose and run free

slip the noose and run free
you will get out of this
walk away leave it be
slip the noose and run free
life is more than you see… 18 more words