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Competition Preparation

This is it, your first competition. You’re going to be nervous and the last thing you want is missing or broken equipment, so the night before you need to go through some preparation. 714 more words


Violator (1990)

I always claim this to be my favourite album from my favourite band. And it was an absolute joy reviewing each track individually. It’s very electronic, Dave’s voice has reached maturity and the song-writing is peerless. 464 more words

Tarzan of the Outlaws

#GetFletchInTheJungle” tweets Notts ace commentator Dave Bracegirdle of Yorkerking Luke Fletcher. What – as Tarzan? Doing the yell?


Music For The Masses (1987)

This is the album that really helped the band break the US. And an album that is hard to listen to without the 101 versions of songs being evoked. 351 more words

Trailer Tracks: Fletch (1985) - Michael Ritchie

A lot of folks, when asked, will tell you their favorite Chevy Chase film is Christmas Vacation. For me, it will always be Fletch, based on the series of novels by Gregory McDonald. It’s just fun!

Trailer Tracks