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My Quest For A Diagnosis

The years have rolled by, and I have been unfortunate to experience again, the uncomfortable symptom’s similar to those of 2007/8. It was March 2014, and having had time off work, I decided it was time to make an appointment with the doctor. 2,078 more words


Vario - the new retractable lead

This morning my dog had her appointment at the groomer. As is typical of most groomers,

mine has many dog products for purchase. This morning, however, one display really caught my eye. 220 more words



Location: Home. Oslo, Norway

It's a Crappy Tale

This starts a few years ago:

December 2007: Prologue;

The month didn’t start well. My Granddad passed away in the first week of the month. This was a shock to the whole family. 5,536 more words


New in: Flexi-8 Dreamcatcher

Ich muss zugeben, genau wie bei den Ficcare Clips war ich von den Flexis lange nicht so angetan – irgendwann zog dann doch ein Modell bei mir ein und dabei blieb es bis gestern. 210 more words


Flexi / Blendi / Adopo - Wirr 1 [WIRR001]

Industrialized and stripped techno tracks from the Atelier Records/General Elektro based Adopo, Blendi and Flexi. The four spacious, industrial riddims all come with hints of new beat and acid, ghost synth sounds and male & female vocals entering and leaving the mix as if recorded in a parallel world. 10 more words