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Introducing: Lilla Rose! (And Christmas specials!)

Have you ever heard of a company called Lilla Rose? I hadn’t, until a couple weeks ago. But as soon as I saw their products, styled “hair jewelry,” I was intrigued. 422 more words

Random Thoughts

A Few Cheeky Cocktails Will Be Very Nice!

11 November 2014

S – I am working at the hospital today and they have a good poster in the office – it reads: “I don’t mind coming to work, but that eight hour wait to go home is nonsense”. 592 more words



Today we made dictionary’s. We have written all the letters in alphabetic order. We counted the letters in the alphabet and so we used 24 pieces of card.

Compass Rose

Wonderful new flexi of the month for November, Compass Rose. In my opinion super beautiful and unique, looks like it would be a symbol of a specific holiday season. 196 more words

Dream Catcher

Everyone knows what a dream catcher is right? or at least they should. I’m now the proud owner of a Dream Catcher flexi, it is very beautiful and love the turquoise beads on it.The flexi is made of piano wire, so very strong and durable, it can hold up through anything. 215 more words

All About Hair

I’ve been playing around with some different hair styles, while I am trying to run a hair jewelry type of business. It is fun to try and see what specific… 283 more words

Ah, the scars that a bad work experience can leave

Having had the pleasure of working since I was 15, I have seen several guises of management, working conditions and practices. In my latter years one of the most common frustrations amongst my office colleagues was the lack of support for flexible working. 420 more words