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beating the blues

Because of finals and the upcoming holidays, I haven’t practiced as much as I would’ve liked.  I’ve been home for a week and two days and within that span of time, I haven’t done any yoga whatsoever.   177 more words


Stiff, Sore? Flexibility Exercises for MMA and BJJ

MMA and other combat athletes should improve their flexibility so they can move freely in and out of a variety of situations in the cage and on the mat.

No crying in yoga

This is a stressful time of year in my job. Everyone on my team has an annual sales goal they need to cross, and those numbers ultimately roll up to me and my own sales goal. 827 more words

Random Acts Of Yoga

Living through Exchanging Energy

From the most basic of life processes within our cells to the largest animals on the planet, without movement there is no life. This relates to the idea discussed above of the open system.  281 more words


Functional, Body Weight Specialists

Get Fit, Eat Smart Fitness Educators have a versatility that ranges from competitive athletes to rehabilitation patients, and everyday people who need to improve their balance and joint stability. 44 more words

Quick Dynamic Warm Up

A good warmup is essential to a safe and effective practice. It gives your body a chance to move blood into muscles, warming them and providing them with oxygen. 151 more words