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He forgets his stuff, just not organised I say.

Why is it that my other half who I’m sure prefers to be the better half of the relationship forgets his stuff. Today I do a mercy run because he has left the house with no wallet which means he has no access to cash. 93 more words


Forgiveness: Adapt and Overcome

My husband is a Marine, and their motto is “Adapt and Overcome.” I know I could never amount to anyone who serves in the Military, but their motto is inspiring in my life as a Marine wife. 141 more words

Military Wife Life

Practice: Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

Our bodies are built to move in a natural way, but unfortunately we have a habit of doing things that don’t necessarily serve us so well. 927 more words

BACK PAIN....Be Gone!

We seem to spend half our lives sitting – and often with bad posture. As kids we spend hours sitting in the class room hunched over a desk writing, then we go home and spend more hours sitting doing homework and studying, followed by a couple of hours sitting in front of the TV. 1,229 more words

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Overview of my Piyo Strength Experience So Far... And Another Race?

Today I took, what I think was, my 4th Piyo Strength class.  It is a low-impact workout that combines yoga and pilates.  Let me tell you, I was curious how many calories this would burn, and I have been consistently amazed!   294 more words

Shifting your perspective

Yoga has many different benefits and it can also be described in many different ways. However, one thing always returns: yoga changes your perspective.

Yoga has a great influence on how we perceive our body, what we believe we can do with it and how we look at things. 695 more words

My Journey

Take a break from the bulk....

  One of the most clever sayings I’ve heard–“real men don’t lift weights, they lift women.”  This from Nigel Lythgoe, producer and judge from So You Think You Can Dance… 541 more words