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Element: Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

Stress relief and flexibility programs are natural compliments in yoga. When you release mental pressure, you simultaneously relieve tightness in your muscles and joints. Similarly, when you focus on reducing stiffness in the body, you automatically release tension held in the mind. 93 more words

Lessons from Jury Duty: Perspective

I received a summons for jury duty about a month ago. It was set for the day after my birthday. Suffice to say, I was not elated…  I decided that I would have a better attitude about it if I rescheduled it for several weeks later. 902 more words


Depression, PTSD, anxiety? Can yoga help?

Last time I wrote about how the simple shift and commitment to seeing if yoga could help my back eventually impacted every aspect of my life. 392 more words

Flexibility, It's Not Just Touching Your Toes - Part 2

When I entered the professional world I quickly learned that if something needs to be done you find a way to get it done.  No matter what the task is, your colleagues and the organisation are counting on you to successfully complete it.   510 more words



Snow. In mid-April. The forsythia weathered the sudden flurries that doused our celebration of spring buds unfolding, fragrant blossoms, and all things happy and bright. The afternoon, sun came and went, leaving a collective sigh throughout city. 21 more words

Motions in illegal meeting suit against county to be heard Monday

The Lee County Board of Commissioners, three individual commissioners and the county attorney will bring a motion to dismiss and a motion to strike a lawsuit brought on by county resident and Democratic advocate Jay Calendine at 10 a.m. 285 more words

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My Training Saved My Neck Today!

(Picture is of my wrist… didn’t want you to think it’s my neck)

I’m still a bit shaken… not so much by the severity of my bruises, but by the magnitude of the personal disaster that almost, in an instant, changed my life. 159 more words