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September Goals

Last month I set myself running, strength training, flexibility and upper body strength goals. Unfortunately, I sprained my foot at the end of July and so running went out of the window … as did my goals … including the upper body goals which I could have completed! 232 more words


Four Weeks Inside Our Four Walls ....

At four weeks into homeschooling my son, I’m an expert. LOLOL. Even I couldn’t say that one with a straight face. Truly, even once I have more time under my belt and more experience, I don’t know if I’ll be able to consider myself an “expert”. 390 more words

Point of View

I spent the Bank holiday weekend at Reading Festival. Being well past the age when camping in overcrowded conditions with thousands of insomniac teenagers stopped being fun I now temper my festival experience by staying in a local hotel. 1,058 more words

One day I will find my splits (Part 2)

Last week I took my first progress pictures for my splits and shared them with you along with my tips for splits.  Here is this week’s progress pictures side by side with my benchmark pictures.


Car cum Bed

Why are specialist cars not designed to give their drivers a good night’s sleep? There’s plenty of space inside a standard automobile, but someone needs to customise the interior so the standard driving pose of those two front seats can be transformed into comfortable sleeping beds. 274 more words

Prose Opinion

Shredding the pounds by using Yoga

How to lose weight with yoga. You just can use desk and chair and it is very easy.

Desk yoga 1
Tight stomach, massaging the internal organs… 188 more words