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Dolphin and Camel -> YOGA !

I am finally settled in Melbourne ! We found a flat, started to work and met new friends. A good start for this big step in our lives! 98 more words


Foam Roller Exercises

What is Foam Rolling?

The foam roller is used to perform self myofascial release (SFM) or self massage to help relieve muscle soreness and enhance flexibility. 562 more words

Weight Loss

Windsurfing - Physio 3

If you’ve been following my sports physio tale, yesterday I had my 3rd appointment and it seems to me that it only gets more painful haha! 295 more words


Weight loss - days 240 - 260

Ok, seriously, this is getting out of hand. 20 days??? ha ha Oh well, when you’re busy, you’re busy.

Things have been going pretty good. Now that the kiddo is back in school and the fitness classes have started up, normalcy is hitting home. 414 more words

101 Goals

is choice better than no choice?

I have said the words ‘…but I have no choice…’ on numerous occasions and frequently it has been a cop out from making a decision or having to take some kind of action I didn’t want to do. 600 more words

Personal Journeys


Flexibility is such an important requirement in any team leadership role. Without it, the team will become an automaton that may well achieve a level of success but may never reach its full potential. 71 more words


Wellbeing Wednesday: My Top Every Day Stretches For A Healthy Body and Mind

Stretching can seem like a chore but a lot of people don’t understand the importance of it. If your priority is always to get a cardio, interval or a weight training session in because of time then let me tell you this could be where you could have been going wrong and stretching can change the way you approach your fitness forever! 611 more words