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C'est La Vie: France bans after-hours email

In a bold move, French labour unions and employers’ federations have signed a legally binding agreement that stops “workday creep” — for some.

Recognising an assault on the country’s famous 35-hour week through the ability of bosses to invade their employees’ home lives via smartphone day and night, the agreement requires employers in a portion of the technology and consultancy sectors to make sure staff disconnect digitally from work during the rest periods already mandated by law. 648 more words

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Uncovering the truth about engaging employees through remote work

Every company makes it a continuous goal to maintain high levels of employee retention and productivity, but some may be surprised to learn that the best way to achieve this goal isn’t by constantly standing over people’s shoulders and monitoring them every minute of the day. 478 more words

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Flexible working

The last time I blogged, I was feeling rather down about the lack of provisions and support for me and my son. Since then things hit rock bottom but are now, I say tentatively, on the up. 200 more words

Balancing Work With Family Life

Employers and flexible working: Is it really such a stretch?

Single parents are often the sole earners and childcare providers in their family, so flexible working can be a lifeline in helping them to get a decent job whilst meeting their care responsibilities. 609 more words

Balancing Work With Family Life

The new office - part 2

We’ve written previously about the noticeably growing trend of workers and companies to adopt a home working arrangement. If you’re thinking of implementing this option for yourself, here’s a list of pros and cons you should consider in advance.

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Flexible working in UK - New rules are due later this year

The extensions to current legislation on flexible working are due later this year, giving more employees with service of six months or more rights to request flexible working.  222 more words

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