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Big Idea 3

As some of you might know, I have written a series of posts on Big Ideas- bringing out the entrepreneurial side in all of us. The first post discussed how to get ourselves to recognise a Big Idea when we have one. 467 more words


Quitting is not an option (for some)

I recently happened to see the video of Michelle Obama’s interview at the convention for Working parents in the US. It might be common knowledge to most that she went to an interview with her four month old breastfeeding baby with her once. 510 more words

“Little” Reddit Offers Requiem for Remotes – Will San Francisco Respond?

by Paul Rupert

More than 1200 hi-tech start-ups and household names from Yelp to Salesforce call San Francisco home. Web phenom Reddit, the self-styled “front page of the internet,” is small but influential. 802 more words

Flexible Work

The complete guide to flexible work that doesn't kill your career

Many people work happily and effectively from home. Research suggests that these “flexible” workers can be more productive, and that they have higher levels of well being, and much less depleting conflict between work and family. 1,414 more words

The workforce of the future will be increasingly flexible

When we surveyed over 2,700 executives around the world, we found that 83% are increasingly using consultants, intermittent employees, or contingent workers. The shift from hiring traditional full-time employees to a more flexible workforce demands major changes to the way companies think about compensation and benefits, training, and organizational culture. 64 more words

Research And Reports

Work-Life Balance around the World

Global management consulting firm Hay Group has delved into its database of employee surveys to explore how people feel about their work/life balance as well as the support they receive from employers. 270 more words

In The News

What is Norwex like, really?

My dad would say Aussies have an inbuilt “crap detector”, can I say crap on my blog? Um… I guess I have! LOL. When I chat to others about Norwex- so often I hear “really?”, “what’s the catch?”, “tell me the truth”… or lines similar to this. 787 more words

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