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Making work actually work for all: a ‘families & work’ manifesto for 2015

By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer

With fewer than 400 days to go until the general election in May 2015, teams of strategists, number-crunchers and policy wonks in each of the main parties will be burning the midnight oil between now and the party conference season in September, when the party manifestos are likely to be finalised. 1,333 more words


Employment News: Flexible Working In The Spotlight

With the right to request flexible working being extended to all employees in June, the decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the Solicitors Regulation Authority v Mitchell is a reminder to employers of the importance of being able to provide an adequate explanation for decisions. 87 more words


Home working from an employer's view - part 2

An increasingly popular employment arrangement is home working (or telecommuting as its becoming known). With shortages of office real estate and spiralling costs of commercial desk space, increased capability of technology to allow for virtual work interaction and other such factors, home working has many advantages to offer employers.

HR Musings

Easter Holidays

As soon as it became British law that you could ask for flexible working, I was beating on my boss’ door asking to change my hours. 430 more words


Good work: a Utopian dream?

By Tuva Johansson, researcher at Working Families

One may argue that the concept of good work is a utopian concept: full of privileged, Western ideas. 741 more words

Flexible Working

A work-life balance

E had been grumpy all morning, I think at having been woken up, as she hasn’t yet adjusted to the clock change. This manifested itself in general clinginess, teeth cleaning difficulty and crying. 622 more words


I'm working flexibly

No-one told me what to do today, and I got a lot done. Compared to my previous job, where I was micro-managed and kept outside of projects, this is an absolute dream. 280 more words