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Tempeh Tempeh Tempeh!

Tonight I decided to take advantage of all the non-animal proteins out there in the world. I have tried tempeh at restaurants a few times and loved it, so I thought I would make some on my own. 61 more words


The Flexitarian Next Door

You may have heard the term “Flexitarian” tossed about in the last decade or so. In case you are not familiar with the meaning, a flexitarian is not a vegetarian.  420 more words

Just Sayin'...

Flexitarian Diet Overview

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Goal: Weight loss.

Resembles these U.S. News-rated diets: Vegetarian Diet,Macrobiotic Diet, Raw Food Diet, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Eco-Atkins Diet, Engine 2 Diet, Traditional Asian Diet, Vegan Diet…

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Day 43: Spinach vs. steak: Calorie for calorie high protein foods

I’ve been a vegetarian, or technically a flexitarian, for over 20 years. The first 10 years, the only animal meat I ate was seafood. In the last 10 years, I’ve added a small amount of free range turkey to my diet. 667 more words


Just like any other Sunday...

…which is to say, a day like no other ordinary day, of course.

First, I went on a multi-pitch trad climb with my friend, Adam. Climbing is a relatively new activity in my world. 360 more words

two. Meat Free Mondays

Long, warm summer days are a great time to be a little more adventurous. For some that seems to mean turning their eyes to the sky for a ‘thumbs-up’ parachute jump, if my FB feed is anything to go by, but my ambitions are a little closer to home and ask you to look at your dinner plate for a challenge. 634 more words

Veggie pot pie.

I have no idea why, but I have been craving pot pie for over a week now. You’d think with hot temps outside, I’d stay away from recipes that call for using the oven. 620 more words