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Working on Demand

Multiple, recent surveys show that flextime is a topic many people feel passionately about.  The number of angles on this topic are as varied as employees themselves: some are caretakers, others live far from offices, still others prefer the lifestyle benefits of telecommuting or just have little reason to be physically present in an office on a full-time basis, given their job function.   525 more words

Job Search tool for Flexible Jobs

There are a lot of perceptions of what work from home jobs and other flexible jobs can be, and quite honestly, most of them are outdated. 509 more words

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Adult Working Children Need Flextime Too: the Growing Issue For Business

A lot of media attention is devoted to the need for flexible work for working parents, but adult working children need flextime too. This will be an increasingly important issue as we see our parents live well into their 70s and 80s and 90s with or without chronic illnesses that require constant attention. 836 more words


Summer Party Ideas for Work

There’s no doubt that, because of the lovely weather, summer, more than any other season, presents you with the most opportunities to celebrate accomplishments, build camaraderie, and bolster morale with your employees. 827 more words