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3 Ways to Get More Flexibility at Work (reposted from Salary.com)

In my first article as a contributing writer to Salary.com, I discuss three common forms of workplace flexibility–compressed work weeks, telecommuting and flextime–as well as how to negotiate for increased flexibility at work. 82 more words


Sabbaticals - Why it should be offered to long-term employees

The concept of a sabbatical may call up an image of an academic taking a long break from lecturing to  conduct research or write a book, but sabbaticals aren’t unheard of in the business world, either. 330 more words

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Increase Workplace Flexibility - Where to start

The potential benefits of workplace variability are numerous — increased morale, motivation, and the ability to attract and retain talent — yet many managers don’t know where to start. 260 more words

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The Future of Women in Tech

This time last week I was at Google’s Women Technmaker’s panel. With thoughts of Sheryl Sandberg and Ban Bossy in my head, I was excited about meeting women in Chicago who are navigating the same waters as me. 445 more words


Proficient at what? Are we moving forward?

Here at this small school we have been working for the last three years on educating ourselves and trying to make some progress with the education that we provide our students. 1,054 more words


Flexible working in UK - New rules are due later this year

The extensions to current legislation on flexible working are due later this year, giving more employees with service of six months or more rights to request flexible working.  222 more words

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Your Toxic Workplace

Gail Nicholson, MA, LPC
Gail is passionate about working with individuals who want to explore and connect with a more authentic sense of self as a basis for defining their lives, work lives and roles in the larger community. 940 more words

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